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How To Work In

In true holistic form, Paul brings you a seminar that is not about new ways to work-out! We are so used to “working out” in the hopes of reaching our dream body shape or performance goals that we often ignore or overlook the root cause of why we are exercising in the first place. If you are a trainer, people typically hire you to get rid of something – body fat, pain, fatigue and so on; the reasoning being that we have to do something to resolve our problems. But is this truly the answer? Paul will discuss how many of the common issues that people seek to resolve by exercise are really emotional, mental or spiritual in origin. In today’s information-overloaded environment, the traditional ways of working-out may actually be the last thing some people need, draining energy levels and adding the proverbial last straw to the donkey’s back. Paul will introduce you to eight new coaches from whom you can take counsel to improve the health and performance of yourself and your clients. Using the concepts presented in his article The Essential CHEK Philosophy, you will be introduced to your Four Wise Men – Sense Man, Rhythm Man, Metabolism Man and Limb Man – and shown how to listen to and be guided by the information from these Wise Men. You will also learn that the Four Wise Men themselves are guided by the Four Doctors – Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness. Based upon the three Doctors propounded by Hippocrates, Paul has added Dr. Movement, as a fourth Doctors for 21st Century lifestyles. You will learn how to identify what needs to be “worked out” and what needs to be “worked in” to achieve your dreams – be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Paul will show you how to stimulate and integrate both sides of your brain using creative techniques he uses with himself and his clients to bring balance to the body and mind while “working-out.” You will learn exercises that help to cultivate life force, rather than expend it, and understand how to incorporate such exercises into a “regular” workout. Whatever your profession, you will learn techniques that you can immediately use with your clients, patients and most importantly, on yourself!

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