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Cognitive Rehab and Memory Enhancement

Webinar 1 1. Physical Activity and Cognition (February 6th at 10:00am, PST) Recent research has shown that there is a strong connection between physical activity and cognition in older adults. In this webinar, we will discuss what type of physical exercise is associated with improved cognitive ability and how much exercise is needed. We will explore why physical activity and exercise is associated with improved cognitive ability. Finally, we will discuss how to motivate older adults to engage in more exercise. Webinar 2 2.Introduction to Cognitive Rehab and Dual Tasking (February 13th at 10:00am, PST) Cognitive ability and physical activity are very much related. We know that physical exercise is associated with improved attention and concentration. We also know that physical performance measures in older adults (e.g., walking speed or chance of falling) are associated with cognitive functioning. But recent research also suggests that there are many benefits associated with mixing physical activity with a challenging cognitive task, which is known as dual tasking. Dual tasking can improve memory and possibly decrease the chance of falls in older adults. In this presentation, Dr. Winningham will present the background research on this topic, including information on cognitive stimulation and rehab activities. Then, Peggy Buchannan will present ideas as to how to incorporate dual tasking into fitness programs (or incorporate fitness into cognitive stimulation programs) designed for older adults. Don’t miss this exciting and cutting edge presentation. Webinar 3 3. Creating a Cognitive Stimulation/Rehab Program (February 20th at 10:00am, PST) Increasingly the line between fitness directors and activity directors in retirement communities is being blurred. And, there are untapped opportunities to offer cognitive exercise classes in fitness clubs. Learn how to create a cognitive stimulation program for a retirement community, senior center, or fitness club in this cutting edge presentation. Participants will be given enough ideas to start a cognitive enhancement program. They will also be given valuable handouts that can be used to start a program. Webinar 4 4.Nutrition and Memory (February 27th at 10:00am, PST) It is becoming increasingly clear that many lifestyle behaviors are associated with a reduced likelihood of developing cognitive impairment or dementia. After briefly exploring the many lifestyle behaviors that affect cognitive functioning. We will explore the latest research on omega-3 fatty acids, high glycemic foods, insulin resistance, and antioxidants on brain health. In particular, we will explore the plethora of research that has shown positive health benefits, including reduced dementia, associated with omega-3 fatty acids. Finally, we will discuss approaches to motivate people to engage or more physical activity, better eating and nutrition and more positive lifestyle behaviors.

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