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TT Trainer Summit

Learn the fundamentals of Turbulence Training and how to incorporate them into your personal training, group training, or bootcamp workouts in this Level I, all-­-day TT Certification that will be taught by a Master CTT. This CTT Level I Certification includes: -­- The scientific background behind the superiority of TT. -­- How to use the Big 5 Movements to design a science-­-based, proven, fun & effective fat loss program that delivers maximum results in minimum time without compromising the safety of your client. -­- A complete understanding of how to progress and regress TT exercises for clients of all fitness levels. -­- Client scenario modeling to cue and correct common mistakes that lead to injury and slower results. -­- A powerful TT bodyweight and a TT dumbbell workout experience. -­- A comprehensive CTT Level I Training Manual. -­- CTT Certified Instructor T-­-shirt and web/print logo CTT Level II Certification: -­- How to use Facebook to target your ideal client and how to get them into your business immediately. -­- How to set the client’s expectation of giving you referrals from the very beginning, along with other leading referral generating strategies. -­- How to build an email list of local prospects that are hyper-­-responsive to your offers. -­- The most effective direct mail tactics for getting prospects to sign-­-up for 30-­-day programs. -­- A bunch of free and paid marketing strategies for both beginner and advanced fitness marketers. -­- A comprehensive CTT Level II Business Building Manual -­- CTT Certified Instructor T-­-shirt and CTT marketing materials (banners) -­- A personal invitation to connect with other driven, and success-­-minded fitness pros in the exclusive CTT Facebook group. This is where CTT’s go to share what’s working in their businesses, build profitable affiliate relationships, get feedback, share support, and be accountable. Cutting Edge Fitness advice, and client attraction tactics, systems, and strategies to help grow your fitness business, and new boot camp workouts The TT Kettlebell Workshop With Chris Lopez The goal of this TT Kettlebell workshop is to familiarize you with proper HARDSTYLE Kettlebell techniques, practices, drills & exercises. Unlike its Softstyle/GS cousin, HARDSTYLE training focuses on power production and high tension techniques. - Full-body conditioning. - Big results by spending less time in the gym. - The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously. - Improved mobility and range of motion. - Increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky—a benefit that appeals to women and men alike. - Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning Upon completion of this course, you will walk away with drills and progressions to confidently use Hardstyle exercises such as the swing, squat & press in your personal training practices and confidently teach your clients these techniques using proper assessment of movement and cueing. Topics and exercises covered in this workshop are: - The kettlebell is not a weird looking dumbbell - The “root” position and why it is your foundation for Hardstyle - Mastering the Hardstyle swing - Understanding the squat - Hingeing techniques for maximum power - Energy focus on ballistic lifts - Joint stacking on grinding lifts - Movement before strength before power - Minimalist fitness and the power of the kettlebell
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