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?To acquaint fitness professionals with some of the primary principles and varied approaches of core training ?To provide fitness professionals with some of the scientific understanding and practical application tools needed for designing safe and effective programs for their clients for their young athletes and clients. ?To help fitness professionals to think and act functionally in their assessment and design of programs for young clients and athletes of all levels. AUDIO CLINICS 1. Before and Beyond the Core BY PAUL CHEK 2. Controversy & Collaboration of Core Training Research BY MICHAEL BOYLE 3. The Truth About Core Training - What Do You Want to Do? BY GARY GRAY ARTICLES 4. The Inner Unit BY PAUL CHEK - 5. The Outer Unit BY PAUL CHEK 6. Before the Core - Part 1 BY ANTHONY CAREY 7. Before the Core - Part 2 BY ANTHONY CAREY 8. Before the Core - Part 3 BY ANTHONY CAREY 9. Transversus Abdominis Revisited BY MEL SIFF 10. The Core - Part 1 BY MATTHEW JAMES WALLDEN 11. The Core - Part 2 BY MATTHEW JAMES WALLDEN
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