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April 11, 2012, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |  12 Comments

Top Tips and Never-Before Seen Exercises for Training the Abs [VIDEO]

In this series of videos, Jonathan Ross, ACE-certified Personal Trainer and author of "Abs Revealed," shares six innovative ab exercises. Included in this series are two never-before seen exercises shared exclusively for ACE's readers.


Get Ross's top tips for training the abs and learn why his innovative exercises are so effective.

Plank School

Learn how to do planks using an exercise mat the right way and get your whole body — not just your abs — involved in them. Learn how to progress them, too.

Lateral Rolling Plank

In this exercise, Ross introduces a stability ball into plank work, which creates more movement and focus on mobility. By incorporating shifting, the exercise becomes a lot more challenging.

Offset Arm Crunch on Stability Ball with Progressions

Learn how to get more out of your crunches on a stability ball by using your arms at the same time. This will activate more than just your main ab muscles.

Side Plank with Stability Ball and Progressions

Take side planks to the next level by incorporating a stability ball and scissoring it between your legs.

Medicine Ball Alternating V-Up (ACE-exclusive)

In this ACE-exclusive exercise that no one has ever seen, Ross alternates a medicine ball from the upper to lower body while performing V-ups.

Circular Arm Crunch on Stability Ball (ACE-Exclusive)

In this bonus ACE-exclusive exercise, the arms move around in a very fast circle while performing crunches on a stability ball.

Abs Revealed Jonathan Ross Abs Revealed

If you want more insight into how to build better abs, make sure to follow Jonathan Ross's complete program for strengthening, sculpting and maintaining your midsection. Buy the Book →

By Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross is the two-time recipient of Personal Trainer of the Year awards (2010 IDEA & 2006 ACE), has served as Discovery Health Fitness Expert and hosted the Discovery Health series “Everyday Fitness.” His book, Abs Revealed, delivers a modern, intelligent approach to ab training, and his business, Aion Fitness, delivers exceptional fitness training,speaking, and writing services. Ross is a master trainer for TRX and has shared his renowned thought-leadership philosophy at many conferences and in the media.