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June 14, 2010 | DELETED

Where Do I Start with My ACE Personal Trainer Study Materials?

Personal Trainer Manual So the day has finally come. Your exam preparation materials have arrived on your doorstep. You carry them inside, carefully rip into the box, and start unpacking. And the materials keep coming. Like clowns out of a VW. And you sit down, and stare, and wonder…where should I start?

There are several different combinations of materials you can purchase from ACE to prepare for your exam – some of which include practice tests. I’m going to cover the 4th Edition Study Material for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. This includes the manuals (ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals and the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 4th Edition), Master the Manual Study Guide, Sample Tests, Flashcards, Musculoskeletal Anatomy book, the Online Diagnostic Practice Tests, and the Study Coach Program.

All right, where to begin? Let’s start at the beginning – it’s a very good place to start.

First, sign up for the 12 or 20-week Study Coach Program. You may have done this during the ‘checkout’ period of your purchase. But if you haven’t…get yourself signed up! I blogged about the study coach program earlier, but it is key to keeping you on track with your studies. It will also remind you of when to take your sample tests and online diagnostics.

Next, gather up your manuals and Master the Manual book.  You’ll start with the ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science manual, then move to the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. The following list details your plan of attack:

  • Open your manual and read the first chapter (remember, you will read through the Essentials manual first, then you will start reading through the ACE Personal Trainer Manual).
  • Once you have finished the chapter, open up your Master the Manual book. Please note, when you are reading the Essentials book, the 'Master the Manual’ portion is located at the end of each chapter.
  • Go through the corresponding chapter in Master the Manual and see how many questions you can answer without referring back to your books. After you’ve answered all you could…open up your manual and work on answering the rest of the Master the Manual questions for that chapter.
  • Turn to Chapter 2, and repeat.

The flashcards are focused on the Essentials of Exercise Science book, so be prepared to start working with them right away. As you’ll notice, they are grouped according to chapter. But don't forget the key factors when using flashcards!

Finally, with the Musculoskeletal Anatomy book, the initial thought is to review this during the anatomy chapter (Chapter 1 of the Essentials manual). But don’t stop there! This is a book you can, and should, refer back to throughout your studies.  If you’ve got questions as to how, check out the blog post on studying Anatomy.

As you are studying, just remember…there’s no rule that says you can only read the materials once! If you’ve got questions, call up one of our Education Consultants at 1-888-825-3636 x782

By April Merritt
April Merritt holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a master’s degree in Health Promotion, and several ACE certifications including Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach.

April Merritt holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a master’s degree in Health Promotion, and several ACE certifications including Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

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