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November 15, 2010, 04:12PM PT in Exam Preparation Blog  |  0 Comments

Exam Prep Blog CliffsNotes

Exam Prep Blog NotesWhile talking to a candidate the other day about preparing for her exam I mentioned the Exam Prep blog, like I always do. Imagine my surprise when she stated ‘the blog is too long, I don’t have time to read all that.’! But it got me thinking…The Exam Prep Blog has been up and active for a year and a half so far. That’s about 70 entries – a whole bunch for candidates to go through, especially the first time you encounter the blog (hint, you aren’t supposed to read it all at once, some posts aren’t relevant until later in your studies).

So for today I thought I’d do a CliffsNotes version of the Exam Prep Blog. Now, just like with CliffsNotes, this post does not encompass all the great info here to help you prepare for your exam. I still encourage you to read through the entries on the blog. And when you do read through the entries, an easy way to sort them is to use the “Categories” on the right hand side of the page. The categories break down as follows:

Before you sit: materials, requirements to test

Study Tips: how to prepare for the exam, ways to use your materials

Exam Day: details and specifics to actually taking the test

Exam Content: concepts and topics that are covered on the certification exam

Our CliffsNotes for today will help those of you just starting with your exam preparation to find a jumping off point. First we have…

The five ‘get started’ posts:

How long does it take to prepare for my test? : Something you want to know before you get too far into your studies.

ACE Study Coach Program : If you’re just starting out, don’t forget to read up on how to use your study coach!

Where do I start with my ACE Personal Trainer Study Materials? : Yes it references the personal trainer materials, but the majority of the information applies to all certifications.

Getting through the first four chapters : (or the Essentials manual for Personal Trainer candidates) These are some of the hardest chapters for candidates to tackle.

Anatomy – Insert what? Originate where? : This is actually a 2 for 1 post because it references the original post on anatomy.  

Did you get through with all of those? Well, then the next set will help round out the beginning of your exam preparation…

The five ‘next steps’ posts:

Exam Content Outlines : It’s the key to what is on the exam

Mastering Master the Manual : How you can use this fabulous study tool

Improve your reading comprehension : A good reminder for everyone

The Fitness Math Course and You : Another 2 for 1 post!

Imaginary friends make the best clients! : Learning to apply your knowledge

Ready to get started? Don’t forget, you can always contact an ACE Education Consultant at 1-888-825-3636 x782 if you have any questions.

By April Merritt
April Merritt holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a master’s degree in Health Promotion, and several ACE certifications including Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach.

April Merritt holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, a master’s degree in Health Promotion, and several ACE certifications including Personal Trainer and Health Coach.