ACE seeks an invite for our profession to a much larger table. We are readying health and fitness professionals, health coaches, and other wellness experts to contribute to the national response to the obesity epidemic and other chronic diseases. And we are working to evolve the healthcare system so the professions we represent may become part of patient-centered care teams and help far more people become physically active and stay healthy.

Our Mission

ACE’s mission is to ensure people have access to well-qualified health and fitness professionals and health coaches, and science-based information and resources on safe and effective physical activity, so they may get active, establish healthy behavior, and live their most fit lives.

Our Philosophy

Our nation needs a more prevention-centered way of caring for the health and wellness of its people, and safe, supervised physical activity must be a cornerstone. ACE believes that well-qualified health and fitness professionals must become recognized as health providers and become authorized to provide prevention and wellness intervention services in the healthcare environment. It’s about helping keep people from getting sick in the first place, and helping those with chronic conditions to help themselves just a little bit more.


About ACE

Founded in 1985, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a nonprofit organization committed to America’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 25 years, we have become an established resource for health and fitness professionals, and the public, providing comprehensive, unbiased, scientific research impacting the fitness industry and validating ourselves as the country’s trusted authority on health and fitness.

Today, ACE is the largest nonprofit health and fitness certification, education and training organization in the world with more than 55,000 certified professionals who hold more than 60,000 ACE certifications. With a long heritage in certification, education, training and public outreach, we are among the most respected fitness organizations in the industry and a resource consumers have come to trust for health and fitness education.

Impact Report

Download the Impact Report 2014 for more information about ACE and its efforts to help people live its most fit lives.

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