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Having trouble getting your kids moving? Too busy for the gym? ACE has partnered with Hershey’s Moderation Nation to create a series of Activity Snacks designed to help you and your family incorporate fitness into your day. Check out our short bouts of physical activity you can complete at work or at home, and creative ways you can get your kids off the couch.

For Kids: Sidewalk Chalk

Help kids let their inner artist shine and get them moving with fun, creative games that challenge their bodies. Check out some ways you can fuel their imagination with a little chalk and either a large driveway or dedicated parking space.

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For Kids: Halloween Activities

Help your kids celebrate Halloween by staying active with games that highlight the ghosts and goblins of one of their favorite holidays. Teach your family that tradition isn’t all about eating unhealthy treats. It’s about having fun!

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For Kids: Indoor Activities

There can’t be sunshine every day. Check out some creative ways you can entertain your kids and keep them moving, even when the weather outside is gloomy. Help them put on their best pirate hat or travel the solar system without ever leaving home.

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For Kids: Jump Rope Games

Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes burns about the same number of calories as running a mile at an 8-minute pace? Talk about effective! Find out how jumping rope can transition from a classic childhood pastime to a fun, inexpensive way to get kids active.

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For Kids: Hula Hoop Games

While hula hooping itself serves as a great form of physical activity, check out three creative examples of how the popular toy can be used to get kids more active and make physical activity a fun family affair. You can even get the neighborhood kids involved.

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Sidewalk Chalk

Hula Hoop Games

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ACE Activity Snacks are part of a joint venture by ACE and Hershey’s Moderation Nation to get families moving with short bouts of activity and play every day.

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