SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout

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SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout

Manufacturer: Michael Skogg

Price Range: $79.95 - $155.00

Manufacturer Description

The SKOGG System is a complete stand-alone training method based on kettlebell and functional training. It is designed to improve your speed, power, endurance, muscular coordination and athleticism. This system is developed with all ability levels in mind.  The workouts use full body movements consisting of swinging and pressing kettlebells, working the entire body in one training effort rather than isolating muscles like conventional weight training. The SKOGG System is designed to get your body working together by integrating your muscles through movement patterns. The multiple planes of movement used in the SKOGG System are beneficial for joint health and flexibility and allow the individual to train every day without the need for recuperation due to hypertrophy.

Swinging kettlebells is a great way to strengthen your back. It strengthens your glutes, stretches your hip flexors, develops your back extensor endurance, forces bracing for spinal stability and strengthens your core with ballistic movement. Each SKOGG workout consists of a warmup and cooldown and the kettlebell session itself can be as short as 12 minutes and never lasts more than 30 minutes so your body burns carbs from muscle tissue not from fat.

Manufacturer Specifications

SKOGG System Volume 1 is a kettlebell training program developed by Michael Skogg designed to challenge your muscular and cardiovascular system simultaneously. This 5-DVD set includes one Instructional DVD and 4 workout formats offered at 4 different levels. The DVD also includes a fitness calendar indicating the order of workouts for 12 weeks. All levels of the SKOGG System workouts are 50 minutes or less, can easily be done at home and only require one kettlebell, size of your choice based on current fitness level. Kettlebells and kettlebell gloves are also offered.

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