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15 Minutes to Wellness Podcast

15 Minutes to Wellness features expert guests in health, psychology, science, fitness and other fields, each offerring their valuable insight to help you to live your most fit life. Adopting healthy habits one step at a time is the key to long-term change. This series will help you identify the small changes you can make that will empower you to achieve real, long term health and wellness.

Hosted by Dr. Michael Mantell,
ACE Senior Fitness Consultant
for Behavioral Sciences

Episode 26: Health & Fitness Technology

Bryan O'Rourke & Michael Mantell, PhD


Technology is changing the way we do business, including within the health and fitness industry. Dr. Mantell is joined by Bryan O’Rourke, founder and CEO of Integerus, and will lead a discussion in how technology is creating a new era of wellness and how ACE pros can stay ahead of the curve.

Episode 25: A Healthier Nation

Dr. Richard Carmona & Michael Mantell, PhD


Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th surgeon general and president of the Canyon Ranch Institute Board of Directors, joins Dr. Mantell to discuss the hot topic of health care. The discussion covers concerns about our healthcare system, health literacy, what needs to change and how we can use behavior changes to become a healthier nation.

Episode 24: Fitness Myths and Mysteries

Chris McGrath & Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, we delve into some of the latest exercise facts and fictions to discover the truth. Chris McGrath, the founder of Movement First, a health and education consulting and training organization, joins Dr. Mantell for this insightful episode.

Episode 23: Friendship and Social Support Matter

Lee & Beth Jordan & Michael Mantell, PhD


In this touching episode, husband and wife ACE Certified Personal Trainers Lee and Beth Jordan join Dr. Mantell to tell their story of losing weight and finding love. Recently featured on CNN and People Magazine, the Jordans will share why friendship and social support are important in any lifestyle modification process.

Episode 22: Dimensions of Wellness

Colin Milner and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this 15 Minutes to Wellness podcast, Dr. Mantell welcomes Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging. Join as they discuss how the many dimensions of wellness can help enhance a person’s ability to age actively.

Episode 21: Why We Eat

Deborah Beck Busis, LCSW and Michael Mantell, PhD


Tune to this week’s 15 Minutes to Wellness for a discussion on whether our thoughts and rational responses influence why we eat. Dr. Mantell and Deborah Beck Busis, diet program coordinator for the Beck Institute, address the connection between cognitive behavior therapy and weight loss.

Episode 20: It’s Contagious (Social Circles Influence Who You Are)

Nicholas DiNubile, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, an internationally known orthopaedic surgeon and U.S. News and World Report “Top Doctor.” The two focus on the influence of social circles, and offer insight on why people go to the doctor and how to handle certain situations involving health problems.

Episode 19: Go, Slow, Whoa

Jonathan Ross and Michael Mantell, PhD


Dr. Mantell is joined by two-time Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner Jonathan Ross to discover why we eat and how we can enhance our lifestyle change. Tune in to find out why achieving a healthier lifestyle takes more than just mere willpower.

Episode 18: The Value of Family Time

Walter Bortz, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by Dr. Walter Bortz, clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and a well-known expert on aging and longevity. The two discuss several of the factors associated with successful behavior change including time with family.

Episode 17: Habits of Successful Weight Loss Maintainers – Self Liberation

James Prochaska, Ph.D. and Michael Mantell, PhD


Once a health and fitness program has run its course, it’s often easy for people to revert back to their old ways. In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by James Prochaska, PhD, professor of psychology, author and director of the Cancer Prevention Research Center at University of Rhode Island to discuss how to successfully maintain lifestyle change.

Episode 16: The Link is What You Think When it Comes to Goals

Ted Vickey and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, the tables are turned on Dr. Mantell, who fields questions from ACE Certified Personal Trainer Ted Vickey, founder of FitWell LLC. Tune in to find out more about behavior change and how “the link is what you think.”

Episode 15: Technology and Wellness

Ted Vickey and Michael Mantell, PhD


Ever wonder how technology can help you achieve better health? In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, ACE Certified Personal Trainer Ted Vickey, founder of FitWell LLC, joins Dr. Mantell to discuss the latest advancements in fitness technology.

Episode 14: Wellness and Rewards

Lee Rice, DO, FAAFP, FAOASM and Michael Mantell, PhD


The idea of offering “rewards” and “punishments” is a well-studied aspect of psychology, especially when they are used to adopt lifestyle change. In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Lee Rice, founder of Lifewellness Institute, discusses appropriate rewards with Dr. Mantell.

Episode 13: Information is Power

Daniel Goleman, PhD and Michael Mantell, PhD


One of the most crucial components to achieving behavior change is maintaining a high level of self-efficacy. Join Dr. Mantell and internationally known psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman as they discuss strategies to help you remain confident, including how you can identify potential barriers to change.

Episode 12: Being Critical of Propaganda

Derek Flanzraich, and Michael Mantell, PhD


Dr. Mantell joins Greatist CEO and founder Derek Flanzraich. The two will discuss how food marketers entice people with claims of “healthy” and “natural,” and how arming yourself with information can help you avoid propaganda on your next trip to the grocery store.

Episode 11: Organizing Your Life

Chris Freytag, PT, GFI, Health Coach and Michael Mantell, PhD


Big life changes can either overwhelm people or make them feel refreshed. Internationally recognized fitness expert and ACE-certified professional Chris Freytag joins Dr. Mantell on this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness to discuss that range of emotion and why lifestyle change can mean different things to different people.

Episode 10: It’s Not About Willpower

Pamela Peeke, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


Dr. Pamela Peeke, an internationally renowned physician, scientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness, joins Dr. Mantell for this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness. Join Dr. Peeke and Dr. Mantell as they discuss why ditching the diet mentally and instead committing to permanent lifestyle changes are better than relying solely on ‘willpower’.

Episode 9: Plan Ahead

Sandy Todd Webster and Michael Mantell, PhD


One challenge to adopting healthy habits is the perception that we don’t have time for physical activity or preparing healthy meals. In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, IDEA Editor in Chief Sandy Todd Webster joins Dr. Mantell to discuss planning and time management.

Episode 8: Goals, Goals, Goals, and Kaizen

Sean Gogarty, BA, PT and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by ACE Personal Trainer Sean Gogarty, owner of SGO Fitness in San Diego. The two will expand on the notion of kaizen, the principle of bringing about large changes through continuous improvements, that you learned about in the first episode.

Episode 7: No Longer Full of Regrets

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS and Michael Mantell, PhD


ACE Personal Trainer Todd Durkin, owner of the highly successful Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, shares why planning for inevitable barriers and inevitable relapses is important to your long-term success. Stay focused and flexible with insight from Durkin and Dr. Mantell on this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness.

Episode 6: How Much is That Again?

Ellyn Levine, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


What is “self-talk” and how can it influence your lifestyle change? In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by Ellyn Levine, MD, a weight loss consultant and physician, who offers her insight on how subconscious thoughts can either help you succeed or completely derail your efforts.

Episode 5: Achieving

Marlene Holloway, Weight Watchers and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Weight Watchers expert Marlene Holloway joins Dr. Mantell as the two discuss advantages and disadvantages of committing to a behavior change. Discover why decisional balance is so important when considering a lifestyle change.

Episode 4: Goals, Goals, Goals

Julie Burks, MS, RD, CSSD and Michael Mantell, PhD


Here comes the fun part, setting goals! In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, you’ll learn to develop small steps into specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals. Julie Burks, ACE-certified Health Coach and Semper Fit Dietitian, and Dr. Mantell discuss what you should set your sights on, and how you should get started.

Episode 3: The Gauge: Measurement vs Ideal

Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC and Michael Mantell, PhD


Based on your current eating habits or level of physical activity, it may seem like achieving your most fit life is a long way off. The good news is that will soon change. Instead of getting too eager, make sure you slowly advance to your ideals by taking small steps. Cris Dobrosielski, ACE-certified Health Coach and competitive athlete, joins Dr. Mantell for 15 Minutes to Wellness.

Episode 2: Know Where You’re Going

Doug Balzarini, CSCS, MMA-CC and Michael Mantell, PhD


To truly plan out where you’re going, you have to first know where you are. Find out how considering your current eating habits, weight and behaviors related to physical activity over a few days can help you identify areas for improvement. Doug Balzarini, ACE-certified Personal Trainer and mixed martial arts expert, joins Dr. Mantell for 15 Minutes to Wellness.

Episode 1: Kaizen

Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RD and Michael Mantell, PhD


Discover the Japanese philosophy of kaizen, the principle of bringing about large changes through small, continuous improvements. Dr. Natalie Digate Muth, a pediatrician and registered dietitian, joins Dr. Mantell for our premier episode.

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