Butt & Hip Exercises

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Butt & Hip Exercises

Add some diversity to your fitness program with these butt and hip exercises from the American Council on Exercise. We'll help you tone up those glutes and get that butt into shape. Choose from a wide variety of hip flexibility and strengthening exercises including glute bridges, BOSU lateral jumps and more. These exercises come with detailed instructions, step-by-step guidance and tutorials on proper equipment use. For full workout routines featuring butt and hip exercises, be sure to visit our Workouts section.

Partner Standing Row with Resistance Tubing

Arms, Back, Butt/Hips

Resistance Bands/Cables

Standing Hip Abduction

Abs, Butt/Hips, Full Body/Integrated

Resistance Bands/Cables, Weight Machines / Selectorized

Standing Hip Adduction

Abs, Butt/Hips, Legs - Thighs

Resistance Bands/Cables