Seated High Back Row

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Seated High Back Row

Target Body Part:
Arms, Back, Shoulders

Equipment Needed:
Resistance Bands/Cables

Step 1

Starting Position: Sit on a mat/floor with your knees slightly bent, feet together. Your back should be straight and strong with your torso vertical to the floor. Gently lean forward with a flat back to grasp the cable/band handles with the thumbs wrapped around the handles. Palms can face down or toward one another. Elbows are straight and the shoulder blades are pulling down and back. Hold the handles with your wrists in a neutral (avoid flexion/extension) position. Brace your torso by contracting your core and abdominal muscles and straighten your torso until your back is vertical to the floor again. Keep the elbows straight and do not allow the wrists to bend.


Step 2

Backward Phase: Without leaning back, exhale and pull the handles toward you; bending your elbows and pulling the handles to your chest. Do not allow the low back to arch, the shoulders to shrug or the wrists to bend. Keep the slight bend in your knees to emphasize the muscles of the back. Think about pulling with your elbows as you bring the handles to your body.


Step 3

Forward Phase: Inhale and slowly straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. Do not allow your torso to bend forward or your shoulders to shift forward.


Step 4

Exercise Progression: As you master your exercise technique, attempt to pull with your elbows flared out even further from the sides of your body, but be sure to avoid any shrugging in the shoulders. This places more emphasis upon the upper back and posterior shoulder muscles.

Strengthening your high back and posterior shoulder muscles in important to good posture as it helps prevent you from slouching down and letting your shoulders roll forward.