Watch These Senior Athletes Dive, Pole Vault and Sprint

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Watch These Senior Athletes Dive, Pole Vault and Sprint

September 27, 2011, 04:06PM

Who said grandma couldn't knock you over and shoot the basketball? Or, that grandpa couldn't pole vault? Just flip through this CBSNews photo gallery of senior Olympians or watch the trailer of the documentary, "Age of Champions," below to be impressed.

"Winning is everything," said John Tatum, one of the Washington, DC-based swimmers, to his brother. Don't think these senior Olympians lose their competitive edge with age.

In San Diego (home of ACE headquarters), senior athletes are currently competing for gold in San Diego's Senior Olympics. Events include archery, racquetball, soccer, surfing, and more.

ACE thinks it's pretty awesome that these senior Olympians are being highlighted in a documentary, and more importantly, staying active. Read one of our ACE FitFacts™ to find out why active seniors enjoy life more. And, to support the health and fitness goals of older adults, we offer a 20% discount and a coupon for a free fitness consultation or group session to AARP® members.

If you're interested in watching "Age of Champions," it will be premiering at the San Diego Film Festival this weekend.

[via KPBS]

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