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Get the latest, science-based information to help you work more effectively with your clients, stay in tune with the industry, and keep your business moving forward.

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ProSource: December 2014

ProSource: December 2014

Essential Exercises for an Optimal Strength-training Workout

By Pete McCall

Training programs designed to help clients reach their goals do not need to be overly complicated or gimmicky. In fact, many top trainers and coaches don’t get fancy with exercise selection. Instead, they rely on the compound movements of squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling or rotating for one simple reason—because they work. Here are their picks for the optimal strength-training workout.

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In an effort to help you more efficiently earn continuing education credits while you explore ProSource, you can now take the quiz as you read. Get the latest, science-based information on a wide range of topics while you work on requirements for your recertification. To start, simply select the article of your choice below.

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Best Exercises for Great Abs and a Pain-free Back

By Justin Price

Do your clients want a strong, toned torso? Learn how to utilize strategic self-myofascial release techniques, and both isolated and integrated, full-body strengthening exercises to train the abdominals in all planes of motion to help your clients achieve the sculpted core they desire while also safeguarding their backs from pain and injury.

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When to Work Through the Pain…and When to Take a Break

By Carrie Myers

There’s a fine line between working through discomfort and working through pain—but exactly how do you find that line? Learn what experts say about knowing when to refer a client to a qualified healthcare professional, as well as some specific guidelines for how to address the particular needs of clients who are experiencing pain.

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How I Cracked the Code for Creating Habits

By BJ Fogg, Ph.D.

One of your jobs as a fitness professional is to help your clients feel as though they are succeeding and moving closer to their goals. Experimental psychologist BJ Fogg has developed a unique and proven method that could be the key to your clients achieving long-term change in challenging areas like nutrition, stress and physical activity.

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An Integrated Training Model for Your Fitness Business

By Daniel J. Green

If your goals as a fitness professional and goals of a fitness business are essentially the same—to attract newcomers and keep them coming back for more—doesn’t it make sense to leverage something like the ACE IFT® Model to inform your business model? Learn how to create a fun and inspiring business model that will help you track your progress and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Can Your Brain—Not Your Belly—Control Your Appetite?

While willpower alone is unlikely to help people achieve their weight-loss goals, two new studies reinforce the idea that the brain can control eating behavior. In fact, considering the long-term consequences of one’s food choices may go a long way toward helping people control their food cravings.

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