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ProSource: October 2014

ProSource: October 2014

Build Strong Glutes and a Pain-free Lower Back

By Justin Price

Strong and well-developed glutes not only look great, but can help protect the lower back from injury during daily activities and sports. By using strategic self-myofascial release exercises to promote flexibility, specific neuromuscular activation techniques to get the muscles working correctly, and focusing on eccentric strengthening exercises, you can help both yourself and your clients develop great-looking buns and a pain-free lower back.

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In an effort to help you more efficiently earn continuing education credits while you explore ProSource, you can now take the quiz as you read. Get the latest, science-based information on a wide range of topics while you work on requirements for your recertification. To start, simply select the article of your choice below.

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How to Convince Your Female Clients That Strength Training is the Key to Losing Weight and Toning Up

By Pete McCall

Many women have bought into the myths surrounding strength training and so they continue to do the same aerobic exercise they have always done, even when they are not happy with the results. As a personal trainer, it is both an opportunity and responsibility to educate and encourage even your most resistant female clients to try strength training. After all, if your clients’ goals include losing weight.

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3-in-1 Combo Exercises for When Time is Tight (and When Isn’t It?)

When time is tight, workouts are often the first thing to get dropped from the schedule. This can be true for even the most dedicated fitness professional, so it’s understandable that clients often struggle to squeeze in their workouts as well. This exclusive ACE video presents one possible solution: three combination exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups all at the same time.

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Promoting Client Interactions: The Secret Weapon of Member Retention

By Megan Senger

You may be used to delivering completely “personal” one-on-one training, but many believe that multi-client, “personalized” group training is where the industry is going. Read on to discover exercise strategies that specifically support a culture of camaraderie during multi-client workouts, and how this will keep clients coming back for more.

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ACE Research Study: Sequencing Exercise for Optimum Results

By Daniel J. Green

Industry guidelines spell out how much the various types of training should be performed each week. But when it comes to creating your clients’ programs, is there an optimal order for performing cardio, resistance, flexibility and neuromotor exercise? This exclusive new ACE-sponsored study sheds light on how to best organize your workouts for maximum results.

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Study: How to Train Your Brain to Like Healthier Foods

If you or your clients struggle to eat more healthfully, here’s some good news: Based on the results of a new study, researchers believe that it is possible to reverse the addictive power of unhealthy food while also increasing the preference for healthy foods. And no, it didn’t require surgery or mind games—rather, it may simply be a matter of patience and persistence. Here’s how you can help your clients retrain their brains to prefer healthier foods.

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Effect of Kinesiology Taping on Pain in Individuals With Musculoskeletal Injuries: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Kinesiology tape is used to enhance sports performance and reduce pain during physical activity, but there has been little research to definitively support its use. Researchers performed a meta-analysis to examine and review the existing literature to evaluate the effect of kinesiology tape application on pain in individuals with musculoskeletal injury. Learn what they found and their recommendations for how kinesiology tape might be used in conjunction with, or in place of, more traditional therapies.

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Exercise, the Athlete's Heart, and Sudden Cardiac Death

Physical activity is a potent therapy for both the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, with exercise appearing to most benefit people who are the least active. However, there is evidence that extreme athletic training may be harmful in some individuals, and the incidence of sudden cardiac death in athletes is greater than in matched, nonathletic counterparts. This article details the clinical evaluation of the athlete with reference limits for cardiac physiological remodeling and discusses the diagnostic dilemmas that arise.

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