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Get the latest, science-based information to help you work more effectively with your clients, stay in tune with the industry, and keep your business moving forward.

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ProSource: March 2015

ProSource: March 2015

The Essential Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Behavior Change

By Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.

Dr. Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist and author of The New York Times, bestseller Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Goleman spoke with ACE about emotional intelligence and behavior change and the important principles you need to know to be able to connect with your clients.

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In an effort to help you more efficiently earn continuing education credits while you explore ProSource, you can now take the quiz as you read. Get the latest, science-based information on a wide range of topics while you work on requirements for your recertification. To start, simply select the article of your choice below.

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Targeted Training vs. Functional Fitness: Is One Better Than the Other?

By Daniel J. Green

For more than a decade, ACE has published a series of “Best Exercises” articles, each featuring an analysis of the most popular exercises targeting a certain muscle or muscle group and identifying the most effective in terms of muscle activation. But how does this research fit in with the longstanding emphasis on functional training? Learn how to combine targeted training with functional fitness to help your clients meet their health and fitness goals.

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Health Coaching and the Role of Positive Psychology

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Is it possible to harness the power of positive psychology to help your clients achieve their goals? Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, author and leading expert on how to apply positive psychology to coaching behavior change, discusses how just the right amount of positivity can go a long way toward improving health and well-being

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How Integrating Values and Vision into Your Coaching Practice Can Boost Success

By Natalie Digate Muth, M.D.

Do you know the key values that drive your clients? What about their big dreams and vision for their lives? Understanding your clients’ values is essential to helping them set meaningful goals. Learn how you can help your clients craft personal mission statements and look to the future through the process of visioning, which will help to set the stage for a deeper connection and a greater impact.

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Kinesiology Tape: Does It Really Work?

By Naoka Aminaka, Ph.D., A.T.C.

Curious about those multicolored strips you see on the skin of professional athletes? Commonly known as kinesiology tape, these elastic strips are purported to help individuals heal faster from an injury by increasing blood and lymph flow. But does it really work? Learn what the research says about the true benefits of kinesiology tape.

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OUT OF ORDER: When a Gym Is in Trouble, What’s a Trainer to Do?

By John Hanc

The health-club business is booming and there’s never been a better time to be a health and fitness professional. But what do you do if the gym where you work starts to show signs that it might be going out of business? Do you jump ship or wait it out? Here’s what you need to know to take the appropriate steps to protect both yourself and your clients.

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