ACE Fit Facts

Our ACE Fit Facts contain valuable, science-based information on a wide range of subjects, from nutrition to exercising outdoors, strength training, exercising with diabetes, weight management, workplace wellness and more. The concise, one-page format makes them perfect for incorporating into print, email or website communications.

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View our selection of Fit Facts:

Cardiovascular Exercise

A Walk a Day
Alcohol Eats Away at Muscle Mass
Battling Boredom
Be a Savvy Fitness Shopper
Beat the Heat Before It Beats You
Couch Potatoes Arise
Cross-training for Fun and Fitness
Diggin’ in the Dirt
Don’t Deprive Yourself of the Rewards of Exercise
Eat Right at Work
Eat Well to Stay Motivated and Energized
Exercise to Boost Your Job Performance
Exercising in the Cold
Fantastic Fiber
Gearing Up For A Triathlon
Healthy Hydration
Healthy Resolutions for the Whole Year
High-Intensity Interval Training
How to Train for a Sprint Triathlon
I Need More Energy!
Interval Training
Jumping Rope: Not Just for Kids Anymore
Kick Your Way to Fitness
Make a Splash With Water Fitness
Making Time for Exercise Is Easy
Off-season Success
Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way
Ready to Run?
Smooth Skating
Step Training for Fitness and Fun
Step Training Guidelines
Summer Skin
Supplement Specifics
Take Your Workout off the Beaten Path
Test Your Supplement Savvy
The Best Time to Exercise
The Value of Fruits and Vegetables
Thriving at Work, Loving Your Life
Too Much of a Good Thing
Trail Running Adventure
Training to Run Your First 5K
Vegetarianism and Athletes
What You Need to Know About Group Indoor Cycling

Exercise Programs

20 Active Ways to Be Social at Work
Circuit Training Basics
Everything in Moderation
Flexibility Benefits
Fostering a Workplace Culture of Physical Activity
If You Don’t Use It, Will You Lose It?
Periodized Training and Why It Is Important
Start a Workplace Walking Group
Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have
Time-Saving Tips for On-The-Job Fitness
Travel Fitness: A Plan of Action to Keep You Active
Warm Up to Work Out

Exercising with Health Challenges

Staying Fit with Lung Conditions
Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of Catching a Cold?
Don’t Be a Sore Loser - Dealing with Muscle Soreness
Exercise & Systemic Exertional Intolerance Disease (SEID)
Exercise and AIDS
Exercise And Arthritis
Exercise and Asthma
Exercise and Fibromyalgia
Exercise and Hypertension
Exercise and Pregnancy
Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes
Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes
Exercise Can Help Control Stress
Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors
Exercise for Individuals with Eye Impairments
Exercising With a Health Challenge
Exercising With Heart Disease
From Physical Therapy to Personal Fitness
Get Back in the Game with Cardiac Rehabilitation
How to Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis on Long Plane Flights
How to Prevent and Treat ACL Injuries
Managing Cholesterol with Exercise
My doctor says that I have prediabetes. What does this mean?
Postpartum Health
Protecting Your Back At Work
Reduce Your Risk for Osteoporosis Now
Starting a Stroke-Recovery Fitness Program
Understanding Sciatica

Getting Started

A SMART Guide to Goal Setting
Before You Start an Exercise Program
How to Choose a Health Club
How to Choose an Exercise Video
How to Choose an Online Personal Trainer
How to Choose the Right Group Fitness Instructor
How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer
How to Design Your Own Home Gym
How to start an exercise program
Keeping a Food Journal
Save Money, Get Fit with Small Group Personal Training
Small steps to increase physical activity
Sneaker Savvy
Social Support - Does it really matter?
The Right Exercise Program for You Starts Here
What You Need to Know to Purchase a Treadmill

Health and Fitness

Decreasing Stress
Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure
Know Your Numbers: Blood Sugar and Hemoglobin A1C
Know Your Numbers: Body Mass Index
Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol
Know Your Numbers: Waist circumference
Metabolic syndrome
Smoking Cessation
The Lowdown on High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Using the Framingham risk score to predict risk for heart attack

Lifestyle and Motivation

5 Common Fitness Saboteurs and How to Defeat Them
8 Ways to Get Fit and Be Social
Couple’s Personal Training—Fitter Bodies, Stronger Relationship
Energize Your Work Day with an Active Commute
Gathering Support for Your Active Lifestyle
Helping Your Family Become More Active
Using Technology to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Marathon and Triathlon Training

How to Train for a Half-marathon
After the Marathon
How to Train for a Marathon


Is Yoga Right for You?
Pilates Primer
Reducing Workplace Stress

Nutrition and Supplements

Fitting in fiber
Making healthy protein choices
The Caloric Expense of Alcohol During the Holidays
What is a glycemic index?
What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Older Adult Fitness

Active Seniors Enjoy Life More
Exercise And Menopause
Fitness for Older Adults – Frequently Asked Questions

Sports and Exercising Outdoors

Are Your Running Shoes Hurting You?
Bike + Mountains = Excitement + Challenge
Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

Strength and Resistance Training

Energize Your Life with Strength Training
Free Weights vs. Strength-training Equipment
How Women Build Muscle
Plyometrics: Controlled Impact/Maximum Power
Resistance Tubing Workout
Steering Clear of Strength Plateaus
Strength Training 101
Strengthen Your Abdominals With Stability Balls

Weight Management

9 Things to Look For in a Quality Weight Loss Program
10 tips for choosing a quality weight loss program
6 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Lifestyle for Weight Maintenance
America Needs an Attitude Adjustment
Calorie Burners: Activities That Turn Up the Heat
Diet Myths Debunked
Don’t be tricked: 8 Diet myths debunked
Don’t Skip Breakfast to Cut Calories
Exercise and Cellulite
Keeping your weight in check
Putting on the Pounds
So, You Want To Spot Reduce? Here’s How
Successful Weight Control
The Skinny on FAT
Trimming Off the Fat
Weight loss maintenance-10 tips for keeping it off for good!
Weight Loss Plateaus and Pitfalls
Weight loss-Tipping the scales in the right direction
Weight Loss: Diet vs. Exercise
What is the DASH diet?

Workplace Wellness

Back Pain at Work

Youth Fitness

10 Cooking Tips for Healthy and Delicious Family Meals
10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids
10 Healthy Foods You Can Eat on the Cheap
5 Creative Solutions for Using MyPlate With Your Children
Bring the Color of the Rainbow to Your Family’s Plate
Build a Culture of Fitness Into Your Family
Children and Running
Fit Parents Raise Fit Kids: 8 Ways for Parents to Get Moving!
Fun and Healthy Snacks Even the Pickiest Eater Can't Resist
Get the Kids Moving With a Home Obstacle Challenge
Healthy Eating – MyPlate On Campus
Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children with Autism
How can I encourage my family to eat more family meals together?
How can I make cooking withmy child fun?
How can I make healthy sandwiches that my kids will actually want to eat?
How can I teach my child about healthy hydration, especially in the warm summer months?
How Should I Help My Child Pick a Sport?
How to Navigate the Farmers Market
Is All Screen Time Bad For My Preschooler? Maybe Not.
Kids in Motion
My Child Is Obese –Where Can We Get Help?
My child struggles in PE. What can do at home to improve my child’s skills?
Parents. . .Eat Your Words!
Peace in Parenthood
Physical Education = Strong Bodies, Strong Brains
Skip the Food Fights: 10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier
Sports Training for Youth Athletes: How Much is Too Much?
Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Summer Fruit Recipes
Teens, Fitness and You
Tips for Fun and Healthy Travelwith the Kids
Tips to Get More Fruits and Veggies in Your Day
Transform Your Grocery Shopping Experience
What is Normal Growth?
Why do all kids' programs include snack time?
Why Moms Should Put Themselves First