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These moves are all about strengthening the core and stabilizing the spine while adding in movement. Test out these exercises and tell us which variation of the plank piques your interest!

Side plank with thread the needle

Side Plank with Thread

Lie on your side left side with legs straight and stacked on top of another. Bend the left elbow and place it directly underneath your shoulder, resting the forearm on the ground. Keeping your abdominals engaged and your head aligned with your spine slowly lift your knees and hips off the floor, keep the side of your right foot in contact with the ground. Continue to breathe as you hold this position while extending your right arm toward the ceiling, gazing up at your right hand. When you’re ready, slowly thread the right arm underneath your body while keeping the core engaged and then extend the right arm back up to the ceiling. Complete 8-10 repetitions before switching sides.

Rolling planks

Rolling Plank

Rolling Plank

Lie on your stomach and fold both forearms in front of your chest so that they are parallel with the top edge of the mat. Press up into a plank position by tucking the toes under, engaging the quadriceps and lifting your body off of the floor, keeping the abdominals engaged and your head aligned with your spine. From this variation of forearm plank shift your weight onto your left forearm as you open your body toward the right side of the mat, coming into a side plank position stacking the legs one in front of the another as you drive the right elbow up and back. Slowly come back to center with both forearms on the ground and then repeat the movement to the opposite side. Complete a total of 8-10 reps. 

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