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Continuing Education Basics

Learn the Way you want

In order to maintain a current certification, ACE Professionals are required to earn 20 hours of continuing education credits (2.0 CECs) every two years. Establishing and enforcing that standard helps us validate that professionals continue to enhance their competence to safely and effectively lead people to change. It also helps us demonstrate that our programs are in line with other fitness and allied health certifications accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

We recognize everyone learns differently, so we offer diverse opportunities to help you build your expertise and fulfill your recertification requirements.


Online Courses

Study at your own pace with distance learning courses, which allow you to learn more about specific populations or areas of focus from your home or office. Boost your knowledge of assessments, biomechanics, senior adults or wide range of other fields.

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Get face-to-face with ACE Master Trainers in a classroom environment by attending 8-hour workshops in cities nationwide. Each one focuses on topics like training clients impacted by obesity, group exercise, small-group training and more.

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Free Webinars

Watch experts discuss exercise theory, business strategy and a host of other topics for free, and then have the option to pay for the continuing education quiz later. Experience our webinars from the convenience of your home or office.

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ACE Specialist Programs

Becoming a specialist in a specific area of focus establishes you as a go-to expert among potential clients and helps you better serve special populations in your community. Build your expertise in behavior change, fitness nutrition or a number of other fields.

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Magazine Quizzes

Earn CECs by taking quizzes that correspond to the content in each issue of Certified or the ACE-IDEA Fitness Journal, which you receive as part of your standing as an ACE Certified Professional. Stay up-to-date on the latest industry information, training strategies, equipment, research and more.

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Additional Certifications

In addition to creating more career opportunities for you, earning additional ACE Certifications can help you meet requirements for your recertification. If you hold more than one, you’ll also be eligible for discounts on recertification fees.

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ACE eCredits

Purchase all of the credits you’ll need for recertification up front and at a discounted rate with ACE eCredits. Available in 1.0 or 2.0 CEC options, eCredits can be redeemed at any time for ACE courses. Feel confident knowing you have access to all the CECs you need.

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Courses Approved By ACE

Earn continuing education credits with distance learning courses, webinars, workshops or conferences created by trusted providers in the industry. Each has been rigorously evaluated to ensure the content is valuable and beneficial to professionals like you.

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