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Boost Your Business Too!

Pledging your time not only helps military families get healthy and fit, but it can help your fitness business too! This is an opportunity for you to reach new audiences and potentially get referrals. Check out some ideas that we have to get you started.

Brag About Your Participation
Tell about the great work you’re doing with family, friends and existing customers and ask them to spread the word to other eligible military families about the program. Every new person that hears about Joining Forces could be a potential new customer.

Reach a New Audience, Build Loyalty
Military families searching for certified fitness professionals may not have thought about working with one before. This is a chance for you to establish rapport and build a long-term fitness program for them or get them to sign up for additional sessions.

Hand Out Referral Cards
Make it easy for the military families you help to spread the word about how you’re helping them live healthier by providing them with referral cards with your contact information.

Leverage the Local Media
Local TV stations, newspapers and radio could provide great opportunities for you to share your story about giving back to military service members and their families, and allow you to plug your fitness services. Think outside the box by drafting and distributing a press release about your participation in the Joining Forces initiative. For ideas on how to create a press release, check out can check out our press release section on our website.

Post a Blog Badge
On your blog or website, post a badge that ACE has already created for you. It lets everyone know about your participation in the Joining Forces program and is quick and easy to do!

Broadcast via Social Media
We know that people are on Facebook and Twitter all day, why not let them know that you’re providing a valuable service to others?

Run a Contest
Enlist your existing clients to help, too! Here are two ideas for contests that can boost your business and support the Joining Forces initiative:

  • "For every new client I get during August, I’ll donate an additional hour to the Joining Forces Initiative to support military families."
  • "If you book three additional sessions, another hour will be pledged to the Joining Forces Initiative to support military families."

Pledge Your Support

Our goal is to pledge 1 million fitness training service hours to enrich the quality of life of our service members and their families, and expand their access to fitness resources and programs. We are confident that with your help we can meet this overarching objective!

  • Number of Hours:
  • Service Type:
  • If you wish, please enter a detailed description of your pledge:

Joining Forces Fitness Professional Resources

Spread the work that you're leading the charge in the fight against the obesity epidemic by pledging to help get military families fit. Note that you must pledge at least 2 hours of service to use the following tools.

7 Ways "Joining Forces" Can Boost Your Business

Your participation in the Joining Forces Initiative not only helps military families get fit, but it can also help your business.

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