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Core Fitness System Inc.

PO Box 764142
Dallas, TX , TX USA 75376

(214) 716-8559

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Core Fitness system


The philosophy and mission of Core Fitness System is to design and market fitness equipment and exercise programs that promote the appearance and performance of the body while maintaining and preserving its' "Health and Integrity From The Inside Out." Core Fitness System, Inc. has researched and developed several revolutionary and evolutionary fitness machines and an exercise routine called Rachael's Inversion Exercise Routine which we think is the “Ultimate Body Conditioning” program. Our fitness machines include our Motorized Inversion Machine, The Horizontal Rotary Torso Machine, A Strictly Abdominal Bench and a soon to be announced new line fitness strength machines currently in development At Core Fitness System, we look towards the future of the fitness and sports realms devoting our intelligence, passion, extra care and concern to the benefits of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, focused on the improvement of their health, wellness, agility, strength and increased power/performance. We are also significantly devoted to helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts prevent injuries related to exercise and sports, both in the long and short term. Our commitment to the health, wellness, fitness and performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts is epic in its dept, scope and unwavering determination Please contact us to learn more about our organization, our research and our fitness products.

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