ACE FAQ Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Q: How many CECs do I need for my continuing education requirements?

You must complete a total of 2.0 (20 hours) CECs every two years to recertify.

Q: Does CPR, AED or First Aid re-certification count toward my CECs?

Yes. You can earn 0.2 CEC each for CPR, AED, and First-Aid. Record your CECs here.


Q: What do I do with my CECs once I have completed a course?

When you complete an ACE-approved CEC course, the course provider should issue you an ACE-approved course number. That number will be in the format of CEP/CP/CA/CS/CL, and will be followed by five to six numbers (ie: CA23456 or CEP123456).  For events with multiple sessions (e.g. conferences) there will only be one number for the entire event.  Cumulative CECs earned at the event are associated with that number.    

To enter them online, login to your MyACE account and click on "My CECs." You’ll be redirected to your CEC page, where you can simply type in the course number. The CEC total should automatically fill in when you click out of the course number box. Afterward, you’ll need to input the completion date in MM/DD/YYYY format and click “Add CECs.”  When you refresh the CEC list your new credits should be visible.

If you were not provided the correct ACE-approved course number, contact the course provider to obtain it. If you are unable to obtain the correct number or are otherwise unable to complete the process online, you may mail/fax/e-mail a copy of a certificate of completion from the course/event and we will enter your CECs.

If you have completed a course that has yet to be ACE approved you can submit a petition form found on our website along with supporting documentation to receive credit.

Mail, fax or e-mail all petition forms to:
ATTN: Educational Services
4852 Paramount Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

Fax: (858) 576-6564 Attn: Educational Services

Q: What should I do with the certificates of completion?

Keep all your certificates of completion and any other course documentation for at least four years. Continuing education costs may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please check with your tax consultant for details.

Q: If I earn more than 2.0 CECs during a certification period, can I apply the extra credits to my next certification period?

No, credits apply only to your current certification period.

Q: Can I get CECs for a workout session or activity course?

No, these activities do not meet ACE continuing education criteria.

Q: How do I get credit for courses that are not pre-approved by ACE?

You may petition ACE to receive CECs for non-approved courses that contribute to your fitness and teaching skills. To qualify, courses must meet rigorous ACE continuing education standards. You can submit a petition form online.

Q: If I have three ACE certifications, do I have to take CECs for each certification or do the CEC courses apply to all three certifications?

If you take your 2.0 CECs within the time frame that all three certifications are current, you may apply the same set of CECs toward all three certifications. Keep in mind, however, that each of your certifications are still considered individual and require individual recertification fees.

Q: How are CECs calculated?

A course is assigned continuing education credits based on the amount of time spent in the educational portion of a course. For each hour of structured learning, ACE assigns 0.1 CEC. In university undergraduate environments, one semester hour is equivalent to 1.0 CECs; a quarter hour equivalent to 0.8 CECs. For university extension classes to qualify, a grade report or transcript must reflect at least a “C” grade.

Q: Can I earn CECs for completing the same course twice?

No, you may only earn CECs one time for completing the same course.