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SrFit Second Edition: The Personal Trainer's Resource for Senior Fitness

Provider: AAHF-American Academy of Health and Fitness Type: Book | DVD Approved By: ACE 2.0 CECs Included in Course:Book DVD Online Quiz Register Now Add To Cart

SrFit Second Edition: The Personal Trainer's Resource for Senior Fitness

2.0 Customer Reviews
  • 2 Reviews
  • 2.0 ACE, 1.9 NASM, 2.0 NFPT Order online at $299.00 SrFit Mature Fitness Specialty Certification home study continuing education course provides advanced training for experienced, certified personal trainers who wish to work with Baby Boomers and beyond (mid 40's+). With this course, you will gain an understanding of how the aging process affects all the systems of the body, identify dietary changes that may be needed, and develop effective training strategies to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and optimal function in your older-adult clients. You will learn how to individualize a training regimen that fits the physiological capabilities of mature adults. This will become even more important as the industry sets standards for personal training, and as the medical community and insurance companies begin to recognize personal trainers as an available option for referring patients who need help with lifestyle change. This course includes the 330 page SrFit: The Trainer's Resource for Senior Fitness, Second Edition, 60-page study guide, 2 1/2 hour DVD set featuring Wayne Westcott and a one hour audio CD featuring Tammy Petersen and her husband Mark, a geriatrician. The 60 question multiple-choice online test, which requires a passing score of 80% to earn CEU credit, is also included. Note: Course materials are sent through USPS Priority Mail.

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    Customer Reviews

    Diantha (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/21/09 1:05 PM

    The accompanying DVD is terrific. The manual is very thorough and detailed in describing the aging processes of the human body and their implications on exercise.


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