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Golf Conditioning Specialist Course

Provider: GMP Fitness, LLC Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 1.6 CECs Included in Course:DVD Online Quiz CD $199 Add To Cart

Golf Conditioning Specialist Course

1.6 Customer Reviews
  • 33 Reviews
  • Learn to design a unique exercise program for clients interested in staying in shape for golf. Discover specific assessments for this clientele and an exercise program tailored to improving their golf performance. Understand the mechanics of a golf swing, exercises that target various phases of the swing, and activities that promote better balance and coordination. Learn common golf-related injuries, swing faults and how to use the latest equipment to improve your client’s performance.


    You will learn:

    • Assessment knowledge for posture, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance
    • Advantages of using a stability ball to improve golf performance, and specific stability ball exercises that restore function and prepare your client for more advanced golfing
    • Proper condition to improve your client’s swing
    • Common golf-related injuries, swing faults and exercises to help correct them
    • Tips on marketing techniques to help you attract golf fitness clients

    Customer Reviews

    Michael (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/18/17 4:12 PM

    I am Titleist certified Level 1, and this is a very useful course to further your understanding of the evaluation process, and corrective exercises. The course is produced by a top notch company who WILL SUPPORT you. The owner of the company actually assisted me at 6:00 PM on a Saturday evening.

    Eduardo Enrique (ACE Certified Professional)

    8/12/16 1:49 PM

    I now have a greater appreciation for the mechanisms behind a proper golf swing. I have two clients who would love to improve their swing and game. It was well written and followed a straightforward format.

    Chris (ACE Certified Professional)

    5/4/16 5:30 PM

    "I gained all the knowledge I need to know to properly help a golfing client improve his or her golf swing from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I will apply by utilizing the outline of the process of the course material and apply it accordingly to my individual clients (initial assessment to golf ready!) What a great course!...I learned in detail, how to golf swing is performed, what muscles are used in the process, and how to apply this knowledge to each individual client considering their initial assessment. Very organized, in-depth and easy to fallow!” - Chris Manning

    Beverly (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/28/15 12:34 PM

    This course will provide you with a better understanding of the flexibility and stabilization necessary to improve the golf swing. In addition, you can use the information in this course to support clients who are long-time golfers so they can continue to play the game.

    Dan (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/25/15 1:09 PM

    Easy to follow, easy to pass, easy to implement with clients!

    Marcia (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/19/15 2:08 PM

    Excellent program, highly recommend to increase knowledge and offers specific exercises for improving clients postural imbalances. The course provides information to improve an individual"s golf game by breaking the process down and applying specific exercises to improve by stretching or strengthening the muscle while maintaining good posture and balance. The course provided information on assessment of postural dysfunctions, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance that can be applied to any client. Lots of good exercises from simple to complex using the ball. Exercises that will be helpful for diverse client needs.

    David (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/16/15 8:31 PM

    Extremely informative course. The written course materials had content validity and were nicely presented. The two DVDs were perfect supplements to the written materials. Plenty of resource material for the golf specialist.

    Ruth (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/5/14 6:53 PM

    The postural assessments and appropriate stretches and strengthening were very useful. I have already implemented with several of my non-golfing clients and I am looking forward to using it for my own golf game along with other golfing clients.


    10/17/14 10:22 AM

    The course provided me with a good understanding of the relationship between strength/flexibility and the golf swing. It will help me teach clients and friends about the relationship of strength/flexibility to the golf swing and I will definitely incorporate it into my own golf game.


    7/30/14 8:42 PM

    One of the best CECs I have taken. Nice addition to current certification to work with specialty clients. I found the information extremely helpful in working with golfers to improve sports performance & prevent/rehab golf related injuries. Highly recommend this course.

    Debra (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/28/14 12:21 PM

    This course gave me good, specific information on a very popular sport. It will definitely enhance my practice.

    Stephanie (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/27/14 4:21 PM

    This is a very good course. Lots of great information and knowledge to use with those that are looking to train clients interested in golf or are interested in improving their own golf game. I highly recommend you looking into buying this course if you or clients you know love to play golf.

    Lori (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/26/14 6:33 PM

    This course was very helpful. I work in a retirement community and many of our residents love to golf and wish to improve their game, as they have noted age-related declines in their games over time. This course enables me to understand the physical requirements of the game better so I may provide improved assessments and appropriate exercises. I was impressed by the comprehensive nature of the exam required for this course.

    Ash (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/21/13 10:42 AM

    A very well thought out course. Great exercises not only for golfers but anybody looking to improve their wellbeing.

    Melissa (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/30/12 1:02 PM

    I'm an ACE certified Personal Trainer and I'm looking to expand into the golf fitness training field. The information in the book was clear, concise and easy to follow, but still very informative and useful. The DVDs were also great additions. There is a great selection of exercises and stretches specifically for the sport. I already know a good amount about golf, but there was still plenty of information that I needed. Gina was great to work with! She was able to help me out with my time constraints and made the ordering and completion process stress-free. I would definitely recommend this course. I look forward to getting more CECs from GMP fitness!


    11/30/12 5:57 AM

    Good course. It flowed well and was easy to follow.

    Joseph (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/27/12 9:48 AM

    As a health and wellness professional for more than 30 years, I was very pleased with the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course offered by GMP Fitness. The information was relevant and well-organized. The manual and two dvd provided would be suitable for novice and veteran alike. I appreciate the care and energy that was put into the development of this program. Sincerely, Dr. Joseph M. Camp Pilates Athletic Center Los Altos, California


    7/19/12 8:12 PM

    Easy to follow, relevant information. A must for anyone looking to diversify. Certificate was received promptly on completion and I know I can email for any assistance.

    Michael (ACE Certified Professional)

    5/24/12 6:37 AM

    What a great course. Gina is very knowledgable and i would say this was an excellent course and every golfer or trainer should take this course.

    Robyn (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/3/12 5:34 AM

    Very informative and well-organized. Course included detailed information regarding common golf injuries, on-course wellness tips including pre, mid and late-round stretches, nutrition/hydration, skin, eye and foot care to name a few. I also found the Marketing tips at the end to be quite useful. Well-rounded course!

    Gayle (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/24/12 4:57 PM

    Great exercise plans, and accompanying DVDs were great additions. I will be incorporating many of the assessment techniques and exercises into a group golf fitness class, as well as individual client sessions.

    Alexandria (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/1/12 9:05 AM

    The golf conditioning specialist course was not only informative but also helped myself and my personal train clients to improve their flexibility at the same time as their game. What a great set of skills to have - thank you GMP!!


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.