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YogaFit Seniors Homestudy Course

Provider: Yogafit Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.5 CECs Included in Course:Book DVD Online Quiz $69.95 Add To Cart

YogaFit Seniors Homestudy Course

0.5 Customer Reviews
  • 23 Reviews
  • YogaFit® Seniors Teacher Training Program is a continuing education course delivered via workbook and DVD that allows YogaFit® instructors to modify original YogaFit® classes into variations designed to increase the fitness level of individuals 55+ in age, now the largest age group in our history! Learn to create workouts for seniors who have been active throughout their lives, and are seeking programs that continue to challenge them while honoring their aging bodies. Or, help seniors who have been sedentary and are discovering the need to exercise as they grow older and desire continued comfort and ability. YogaFit® Seniors incorporates all the advantages of challenge and self-pacing for all levels and ages of this large population. The poses and methods will allow your seniors to increase muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and increase stamina, lung capacity and overall wellness.

    You will learn:

    • Review aging process and benefits of YogaFit® Seniors
    • Outline practical tips for formatting and teaching classes specifically for YogaFit® Seniors
    • Address posture, spinal health and a variety of other special considerations for YogaFit® Seniors
    • Learn the ins and outs of using props to facilitate a YogaFit® Seniors practice as well as how to move to and from the floor
    • Develop thorough understanding of the many modifications of standard YogaFit® poses to include varying participants 


    This course is included in our Mind Body Specialty Certification.
    Learn more about how you can become a specialist. »


    Customer Reviews


    5/29/16 2:18 PM

    Great course again, thanks !!!!


    5/27/16 1:05 PM

    Great course, thanks !!!

    Connie (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/17/16 1:35 PM

    The home study workbook (which is copyright 2010) is broken into various sections but the sections don't match the manual(copyright 2004) at all which makes studying really difficult. I think both should really be revised and improved. The video however showing the progression of a class as well as the specific breakdowns outlined in the manual are helpful.

    Patricia (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/24/15 11:52 AM

    The book needs proofreading and revision. Typos: P. 98, periformis for piriformis Health claims with no citations on page 93. No scholarly sources in entire reference list, no qualifications given for the authors of most of the books sued. Typo p.90, “meat dominate diets.” Should be dominant. p. 89 questionable advice for lower back problems: Bending knees always in forward folds will keep the hamstrings tight and let the back to do the bending. For people with back problems holding a strong core and neutral spine and supporting on a chair with 99% straight knees will stretch the hamstrings. Knee flexion will keep the hamstrings tight and therefore encourage overuse of the back and not help lower back problems. p.69, seated straddle splits are described as stretching kip flexors, although the hips are in flexion. No mention of stretching adductors. p. 64 there’s a better way to modify camel pose using a strap behind the back, arms straight, standing, to get biceps stretch as well as chest opening. No need to sit so much for most seniors. p.32 “lengthen the vertebrae”. This is not an anatomically accurate statement. Decompress the spine is what is meant, I think. Need citations from reliable sources for the benefits described from inversions P.28 is a mess. “Cervical” for cervical. Errors in description of postural muscles. The “erector abdominus” isn’t a real muscle. Rectus abdominus. Deeper core muscles not mentioned. The rectus femoris is not a muscle group, it’s one muscle in the quadriceps group and it’s lengthened in good standing posture but not stretching. Lack of clarity as to what’s working and what’s stretching, let alone the actual names of muscles. Makes a reader doubt the qualifications of the author. P. 12-13 “Understanding Yoga Fit. Biased against other forms of yoga, implying that they are inaccessible, mystified, and not based on exercise science. Looking at this book and the accompanying video, I’m not impressed with YogaFit. Protesting too much that YogaFit is being judged by other schools of yoga while at the same time being subtly yet definitely judgmental of them is not an effective approach. Yes YF brings yoga tot eh masses. But that doesn’t mean they do it better than anyone else. Anyone trying to become good yoga teacher form these books and videos would fail. p. 6 needs citations. p. 5 errors: heart arte capitalized for no reason. Glucose intolerance for tolerance. Just a question: What’s the point in saying this video features June Shaw? Does Beth Shaw make more money by having the Shaw name on the cover? June Shaw is not even the teacher. Book and video: There are better ways to adapt kneeling poses and seated poses. The poor guy in the video is doing ludicrous and almost senseless things hat seldom accomplish what the floor poses are doing, once the instructor and the woman I assume is Beth Shaw’s mother are on the floor. For kneeling poses, have the student put his or her hands on the chair seat and feet on the floor and do cat cow if it’s necessary to stay off knees. Sitting version of kneeling poses overuse spinal flexion. For seated poses, use two chairs, one for the feet and one for the seat. Most seated poses become accessible and identical to floor poses this way for students who have trouble getting up and down. Place a chair near the wall allows the student to relax his or her head back onto the wall in savasana, and have the feet up in the other chair. Closer to full savasana, not just sitting with eyes closed. Standing poses: Tree pose with a knee against the wall allows the student to practice correct alignment without a hand holding onto something. Teaches trusting the feet. Video class design underestimates seniors by doing a seated warm-up. Too much sitting is the cause of a lot of back problems and tight hamstrings. Standing more is better for posture and bones. I learned two or three things from this course, and not all the material is bad, but I would not recommend this to anyone.

    Constance (ACE Certified Professional)

    10/21/15 2:21 PM

    Any fitness trainer working with the older adult population will benefit from this one - especially if they don't have much experience with yoga training/teaching. Great way to incorporate stretching and mindfulness.


    ACE RESPONSE:  Thank you Constance for your feedback!  We are glad you enjoyed the course and will find it helpful when training clients. 


    3/24/15 2:03 PM

    Overall very informative. The manual has several typos and the test alternated between being ridiculously easy and a little misleading. But the course itself was good.

    Nancy (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/25/15 5:47 AM

    was very informative I am the wellness coordinator at the historic Chamberlin in Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia where 150 seniors reside, so I will use every bit of this info!! Very helpful as I teach a chair yoga class. I learned alot about props and lots of whys were answered? Thanks a bunch, I have already run copies of some of the pages to give to the residents as to the benefits of yoga. I had a couple questions about the book test as some of the questions seemed to be misprints and/or confusing, In Section 5 question 2 . . list give short description of 7 categories and the questions after that . . .list and describe 7 age range and fitness categories for yogafit senions thougt was Section 1 page 9 but those were unclear as to where the answers were, and section 19 of book test question 5 seems like should say is all but b? nowhere did I find the age to begin yoga in Eastern Culture, unless its any age. Have a nice day, thanks for your time


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you Nancy for your feedback!  We are happy to hear you enjoyed the course.  An ACE representative will reach out to you soon about your questions regarding the text book.

    Deborah (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/20/14 1:47 PM

    I already teach chair yoga for seniors. I liked the options for standing poses with the chair for support and how to incorporate practicing ADLs into a class. I also teach a gentle, floor-based class and appreciate knowing how to instruction getting onto and off of the floor.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for your helpful feedback!

    Diana (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/30/13 3:11 PM

    I loved this course. It offers so much information about seniors and modifications for senior yoga poses. Highly beneficial.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you liked the course.


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.