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Business Strategies for Personal Trainers (Recorded Webinar)

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.2 CECs , ACSM 2.00 CECs Included in Course:Online Content Online Quiz $39.95 Add To Cart

Business Strategies for Personal Trainers (Recorded Webinar)

0.2 Customer Reviews
  • 14 Reviews
  • Becoming a personal trainer has a lot to do with passion for the fitness industry, but making it your career brings a whole new batch of challenges. Find out how to formulate a business plan and market your services so you can successfully attract and recruit new clients. Recorded by ACE Exercise Physiologist Pete McCall, this webinar will also help you communicate more effectively in presentations to potential clients.


    You will learn:

    • SWOT analysis and marketing strategy, and how you can use it to identify strengths, weaknesses, and threats associated with your personal training business
    • To create a marketing strategy based on principles of program design
    • Effective communication to use during presentations to potential clients
    • Three client types you can expect to work with during your career

    Customer Reviews


    2/14/16 11:57 AM

    This module had some great content points, but boy did you have to wait and wait to get them! Please consider a side by side comparison between this and the module I completed just before it: Practical Pointers for Group Fitness (a 0.1 CEC free webinar): In Practical Pointers, we see an on-screen narrative with clearly-itemized bullets of content throughout. The presenter does a clear intro/welcome, introduction of what he's going to tell us, the content itself (very clear and concise) and then a summary and thank you. Not coincidentally, this format adheres precisesly to the very tips he's giving group fitness instructors to follow in their own teaching: way to practice what you preach! It was brief, bright, useful, fun and then it was DONE - in less than 1 hr. And it was FREE CEC - win/win for me! By contrast, this Business Strategies webinar was over 2 hours, cost me $40 + way too much of my valuable time vis a vis useful points and content. There was no clear path mapped out at the outset of where we would go and what we could hope to walk away with. The whole thing just meandered. When 1-2 "my own experience" examples would suffice, we were given 5 or 6 that just dragged on. When the whole emphasis was on creating a brand that's results-oriented for our clients, this presentation was anything but. The audio quality was sub-par as well. Agreed w/ presenter that this kind of business advice is needed and critical to a well-rounded toolkit to come from ACE to trainers, but this was not a good way to head toward improvement on that front. I have to say, compared to the Practical Pointers ACE-video I had just watched previously, plus the standard of clarity, clear guidelines and high-quality I've come to expect from ACE CEC modules, this was a real let down.


    ACE RESPONSE:  Thank you Martha for your feedback.  An staff member will be in touch soon.

    Katie (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/14/13 6:06 PM

    This guy is a genius. Extremely informative and very enjoyable throughout.

    Hilary (ACE Certified Professional)

    10/3/12 5:16 PM

    Very helpful practical business and marketing tips for trainers to learn how to build their businesses. Good incorporation of fitness expertise and marketing.


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.