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Sports Conditioning Workshop

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Live Workshop Approved By: ACE 0.8 CECs , ACSM 8.00 CECs, NCSF 4.00 CEUs, NFPT 0.50 CECs, CI 8.00 Contact Hours $159 Register Now

Sports Conditioning Workshop

0.8 Customer Reviews
  • 31 Reviews
  • Sports conditioning workouts featuring advanced drills continue to rise in popularity, but some people are concerned they may not be appropriate for all clients. This interactive, hands-on workshop addresses the science of sports conditioning and explores a systematic approach to designing programs. Learn the skill-related parameters of fitness including balance, agility, coordination, speed, reactivity and power, and how to tailor drills to specific population groups. Explore appropriate progressions in intensity, complexity and movement suitable to specific skill and conditioning levels.

     You will learn:

    • Key considerations for developing sports conditioning programs
    • To conduct a specific needs assessment before designing sports conditioning workouts
    • Design, demonstrate and cues for appropriate skill- and conditioning-level drills, exercises and movement patterns that address all parameters of fitness


    There currently are no pre-requisite reading requirements for the ACE Sports Conditioning workshop. 

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    For registration questions, please call ACE’s Educational Services Team at 800-825-3636 ext. 782. For details on refunds or rescheduling your workshop, please view the ACE Refund/Reschedule Policy



    Course Schedule

    June 04
    June 18


    Customer Reviews

    Jeanne (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/26/17 10:49 AM

    Matt Sommer is a great asset to ACE!!


    6/21/16 3:58 PM

    I have been a sports trainer for a few years. I took this workshop to learn other modalities of training. I am NASM certified and found the ACE program information highly beneficial and will add it to my training program. I really enjoyed the instructor and how he taught the shop as well as give real world examples. I have utilized some of his instruction within my program and found that my athletes enjoy doing them. I will attend more workshop from ACE based on this experience.

    Arlie (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/19/14 7:52 PM

    Jay Dawes was an Awesome Instructor and I gained a lot of new techniques.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for the great feedback!

    Samuel (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/19/14 3:15 PM

    Sam Berry was an excellent instructor. He kept the long day engaging and fun and taught me a lot about training athletes I did not know before his workshop. Also, this covers a good amount of your CEC's it's definitely worth the money.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for the fantastic feedback!

    David (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/20/14 5:41 AM

    Great course. Instructor: please end your class on time!

    Darrin (ACE Certified Professional)

    10/18/13 3:17 PM

    Sam Berry was AWESOME and shared his vast knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and learn. Thanks,

    Donald (ACE Certified Professional)

    9/27/13 5:07 PM

    The workshop is great. I was able to take what we learned and begin using it to train speed, agility and quickness to athletes.

    Amy (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/28/13 10:39 AM

    Great workshop! I appreciated the course materials could be applied not only to those training athlete's but also those with clients who are ready to move to the next level in their workouts. The course materials are an excellent tool and were well taught by Garrett. These workshops are fun since the lecture portion is balanced so well with the practical application of materials - in this case - doing some of the drills and exercises ourselves. An excellent team building experience. I also appreciated the workshop coming to Milwaukee - MATC did a good job of hosting it. Garrett did a great job allowing time for questions and group discussions as well as providing resource information for additional research. I would recommend this workshop to any trainer looking to add something more to their clients' workouts to help them succeed.

    Jennifer (ACE Certified Professional)

    8/9/12 10:31 AM

    This workshop was fun, and the techniques and principles of the training are solid. Thank you!


    8/1/12 9:17 AM

    This was my first ACE workshop, and I was very impressed. Instructor Sam Berry was very knowledgeable and engaging in this excellent interactive workshop. The notebook/workbook accompanying the course is also a very helpful resource to refer back to when trying to recall all the great drills and details covered in the class. I have already applied many of the new exercises and training techniques with my clients and group fitness classes.

    Robin (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/24/12 6:48 AM

    Instructor Don Bahneman, was very informative. Participants were provided with a detailed work book of the material covered, an engaging discussion on the subject, and hands on practice of the types of exercises appropriate to sports performance training.

    Shane (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/27/12 6:27 PM

    So much stuff you can implement in your programs right away. I would recommind this to everyone who wants to 'spice up' there programming. Add bonus.... it was FUN!!!!

    Lisa (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/27/12 1:28 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop because of the participation factor. There was maybe an hour at most of lecture time, while the rest of the workshop was hands-on, interactive training. Jay Dawes, our instructor was great! He was personable and knowledgeable. I never got bored. I learned many different exercises that I will use in my personal training business, and would definitely recommend this course.

    Amy (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/25/12 7:06 AM

    This was a lot of fun! Bill Sonnemaker is a fantastic instructor. I loved the information in the course, and it was really great to be able to do a course in person, hands on.

    Julie (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/7/12 12:38 PM

    Great hands on training and instructor was great explaining why and how.

    Chris (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/3/12 11:52 AM

    Great class. Good written material and great instructor. I liked the practical side - actually getting out to try the exercises. It is helpful to have pictures or more details in the book about the exercises, as it's hard to remember them all once the day is over!


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.