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Using Social Media to Market Your Classes (Recorded Webinar)

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.1 CECs , ACSM 1.00 CECs $19.95 Add To Cart

Using Social Media to Market Your Classes (Recorded Webinar)

0.1 Customer Reviews
  • 14 Reviews
  • Social Media marketing is no longer trendy – it’s necessary. It’s the most cost-effective way for fitness professionals to build their brand, engage participants, gain referrals, and increase retention. In this webinar, led by ACE pro Chris Freytag, we will discuss Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Chris will explain each platform, how to decide which will benefit your business the most, as well as best practices, expert tips and tricks, and tactics on growing a community of followers.

    You will learn:

    • Tricks and tools for the most popular social media platforms

    • How to create an effective and relevant social media content strategy in order to position yourself as a leader in the health and fitness industry

    • Challenges of social media, how to create groups and how to implement effective giveaways and contests

    Customer Reviews

    Robert (ACE Certified Professional)

    5/9/17 8:52 AM

    A bit dated as the tech industry moves so fast, but this is acknowledged and if you are new to social media platforms ,it is a great way to become acclimated on what you can do, and how to do it.

    Rudy (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/23/17 8:53 AM

    Great information! I learned a few new things about the different platforms. This is a good starting point for those looking to grow their personal brand on social media.

    Aaron (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/14/17 5:09 PM

    great information

    Daniel (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/4/17 4:17 PM

    Pretty much common knowledge stuff

    Keri (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/3/16 9:25 AM

    Good course, lots of practical information, especially for a newbie

    Zuta (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/5/16 1:02 PM

    GREAT info and Chris is amazing!

    Jason (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/30/14 1:34 PM

    Very informative course with good insight and information.


    9/4/14 10:59 AM

    Loved this; I was doing most everything mentioned here already, but she really had some creative and fun tweaks to it that can totally make the difference of hundreds of clients! Loved loved loved this one.


    ACE RESPONSE: Fantastic! We are so glad you found the course helpful!

    Frances (ACE Certified Professional)

    6/10/14 7:45 AM

    Good course. Good information for those of us just starting to use social media.


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.