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Practical Pointers for Group Fitness - FREE Online Course

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.1 CECs , ACSM 1.0 CECs Included in Course:Online Content Online Quiz FREE  Add To Cart

Practical Pointers for Group Fitness - FREE Online Course

0.1 Customer Reviews
  • 300 Reviews
  • Whether you’re considering a career as a group fitness instructor or you’re already teaching, we have a number of pointers that will help enrich your classes. Award-winning Group Fitness Instructor Lawrence Biscontini offers 10 practical pointers designed to enhance your interaction with students and create an experience where they’ll have fun while they’re getting fit. Learn to teach like an ACE pro!

    You will learn:

    • 10 practical pointers to enrich your classes
    • Techniques for enhancing your interaction with students
    • Strategies to deliver an unforgettable experience

    Customer Reviews


    2/11/16 7:23 PM

    Excellent Speaker Excellent Information Thank-you!

    Jill (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/3/16 11:18 AM

    This was a great, quick course! I learned tools not only to use in my group classes, but lots of great communication techniques that I can use in my public speaking events as well! WELL DONE!


    2/1/16 4:05 PM

    Always work on expanding your deck of cards, and learn other point of views.

    Bethany (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/29/16 3:20 PM

    It is a great refresher course for the basics of being an instructor.

    BETH (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/26/16 5:38 PM

    Great instructor

    Erica (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/26/16 11:35 AM

    Very informative, the instructor was very well spoken and gave great examples.

    Ashley Meaghan

    1/23/16 3:19 PM

    I enjoyed the instructor's energy. I was afraid the 10 steps would have minimal information in each step, but I appreciated the amount of information and acronyms he provided.

    Victoria (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/20/16 10:39 AM

    This was a good refresher course as it reminded me of a few basics that I had let slip. One thing that I need to mention is how during the EEC segment the instructor says something like, "So make sure you cue the Level 1 options so Mom can do it, and also Level 3 so the athlete can progress the movement." I can not believe ACE would script something that offensive and condescending into one of its courses. Really? So Mom can't also be an Athlete? You have kids and that's it? Only Level 1 for you now! It made the organization feel very dated and out of touch.

    Katheryn (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/16/16 8:15 PM

    Great speaker and very helpful information! For anyone that said it was long - it is an hour to your CECs, so it's going to be an hour long - simple math! The speaker was incredibly engaging, thorough, and used his time to speak efficiently.

    Brandy (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/16/16 4:13 PM

    I have been teaching for 20+ years... great useful info and good reminders!!

    Lauren (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/14/16 8:50 PM

    Thanks for the free CEC!

    Tim (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/14/16 9:03 AM

    This is a good course for newer GFI's. It was a little long, but it was free, so who am I to complain!

    Megan (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/10/16 2:44 PM

    A little long but overall helpful!

    Alex (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/7/16 4:14 PM

    Found it insightful

    Amanda (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/6/16 10:10 AM

    Great tips for new group fitness instructors of those looking to get into group fitness!

    Maria Jerrica (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/1/16 3:05 AM

    well informative.

    Lisa A. (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/25/15 10:30 PM

    Lawrence is a terrific speaker! Easy to understand and follow. Knows his stuff!

    Steve (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/20/15 7:16 PM

    This is a great overview of ACE GFI certification. As only an ACE certified personal trainer, I think it will help me in my one-on-one interactions more than I thought.

    Sze Ming (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/20/15 2:33 AM

    Superior Practical Pointers for Group Fitness . Clear cut and informative. I love it ! Keep it up !

    Leyla (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/11/15 1:37 PM

    Very clear and informative. I am a CPT and not a GFI, and I thought some of the suggestions are helpful even in one on one training environment.


    11/30/15 2:52 AM

    very much informative course...


    11/17/15 6:36 AM

    This is a great course to help any new Group Fitness Instructor.


    10/14/15 3:36 PM

    Thank you for providing this course! It was very helpful to me as it was extremely thorough in content yet in an easy to understand way.


    ACE RESPONSE:  Thank you Mary!  We are glad you found the content thorough.


    9/1/15 7:10 PM

    Lawrence gave some great insights, and tips to remember. Thank you.

    Pamela (ACE Certified Professional)

    8/20/15 7:55 PM

    Overall good information for group & individual training...great tips overall. Clear & concise information.


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.