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Math on the Exam: We’ve Got You Covered

Math on the Exam: We’ve Got You Covered | Christopher Gagliardi | Exam Preparation Blog | 5/24/2013


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MathMath is nothing to be afraid of, especially when it comes to the math you need to know for your ACE certification exam. There’s something about the thought of doing math that seems to strike fear in anyone who has not performed long division since grade school, but if you learned how to do it once, you can learn to do it again. The amount of questions involving math on the exams is minimal and most people do just fine with the equations after a little practice and review of the two math-specific tools the ACE staff have put together—the Helpful Formulas Sheet and the Fitness Math course.

For those of you who have already opened your text books, you might be thinking, “There is no way I can memorize all of the equations in this book, let alone figure out how to solve them.” It’s completely fine to have these thoughts, because you are not expected to remember all of the equations. In fact, there are only about eight different equations that you need to know, and the Helpful Formulas Sheet includes examples of each one. Keep in mind that your textbooks were not only designed to help you prepare for your exam, but also to be used as reference materials while working in the industry.  Don’t spend your time trying to memorize all of the formulas in the book. Just remember, if it’s not on the tip sheet, you don’t need to memorize it for the exam.

Because there are no formula sheets allowed in the exam testing center, it is important to memorize and practice solving the equations prior to the exam. You will be provided with scratch paper at the exam site to aid you in solving the problems. Candidates will be provided a basic four function calculator to use on the exam. I recommend taking the time to study the review materials provided by ACE and to practice, practice, practice! If you need further assistance, please give me a call in the ACE Resource Center at 800-825-3636, Ext. 796.