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  • Group Fitness Instructor Salary

Group Fitness Instructor Salary

To equip aspiring and current professionals with the most comprehensive information about salaries nationwide, ACE commissioned an independent, third-part report in 2013. Health and fitness professionals worldwide responded, providing information about how their education and experience levels affect pay.

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Group Fitness as a Career


 In addition to giving you the opportunity to reach more people through fitness, earning a Group Fitness Instructor Certification will help you create a diverse career path. You can use your certification to teach anything from Zumba® and kickboxing to yoga, and work in a variety of different settings. ACE professionals work at gyms, hospitals, corporate wellness departments and universities in 83 countries worldwide. Group fitness classes are often the first place people are introduced to fitness. It’s where those new to healthy lifestyles feel the most comfortable, and it’s where we feel you can have the greatest impact on the obesity epidemic.


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