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ACE Press Room

Featured Stories

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  • ACE Reveals Economic Growth and Renewed Interest in Personal Training Among the Most Popular Fitness Trends in 2011
  • ACE-sponsored Research: Hooping — Effective Workout or Child’s Play?
  • Toning Shoes - Will They Really Give You a Better Body? - An Exercise, Health and Fitness Research Study Presented by the American Council on Exercise

Recently posted photos from Flickr

Photos are conveniently available for the media to use on the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Flickr page. Download high-resolution photos of ACE spokespersons, the ACE headquarters building and exercises.


Media Contact

For media inquiries please contact:

Phone: 1-858-576-3636 x757

2014 ACE Press Kit



April 23-26, 2014
Nashville, TN

ACE Research & Studies

Since 1995, ACE has enlisted the expertise of top researchers at major universities across the country to conduct third-party, independent studies on fitness products, programs and trends to protect consumers.

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