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Can You Go 3 Rounds? MMA Fighter Circuit

Story PhotoTake your workout to the next level as Doug Balzarini returns with a circuit he uses with his elite level MMA fighter clients. His 3-minute, 4-station, advanced metabolic circuit is packed with upper-body pulling and pushing movements and lower-body work. Get ready for your toughest workout this week and see if you can go all three rounds.

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4 Surprising Summertime Smoothies

Story PhotoDon't go out for a smoothie on a hot summer day when you can make one at home using ingredients you may already have in your cupboard. Check out four unusual favorites from registered dieticians and nutrition experts, who use everything from spinach to almond milk for their refreshing treats.

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5 Rules for Putting the Fun Back in Youth Sports

Story PhotoKids don't always share the desire to win that often consumes their parents. They want sports to be fun — even if it means losing once in a while. Take a lesson from children and follow these five rules to help you — and them — put the fun back into youth sports.

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Think Outside the (Gym) Box: Creative Techniques for Taking Your Favorite Classes and Workouts Into the Great Outdoors
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What's Eating Your Clients? Five Proven Strategies for Overcoming Emotional Eating
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Fit Fact5 Common Fitness Saboteurs and How to Defeat Them

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Exercise of the Month
ExerciseGlute Bridge

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Ask the Expert
Ask the ExpertI'm a busy mom- how can I establish (and stick to) a regular fitness routine?

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Healthy Recipe
Healthy RecipeMelon-Ginger Smoothie

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Fitness Product Review
Fitness ProductJourney Gym Portable Universal Gym

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