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Fitness Myths Debunked

Story PhotoYou chimed in with questions on some of today's most common fitness myths and we have the answers to set the record straight! Is how much you sweat really a good indicator of how many calories you're burning? Is running bad for your knees? ACE Exercise Scientist, Jessica Matthews, dishes the facts with answers to these questions and more.

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5 Cardio Fitness Dos and Don'ts

Story PhotoAre your cardio workouts getting you closer to your goals or further away? Old habits die hard, and they can sometimes interfere with your fitness progress. Find out if your exercise habits are on target or in need of a few tweaks.

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7 Smart Post-Workout Snacks and How to Know When You Really Need One

Story PhotoIt could be time to examine your favorite post-workout snack. Are you grabbing a bad choice when you may not really need one? Don't let the food intended to replenish and fuel your body prevent you from meeting your fitness goals. Here are 7 effective and delicious snack ideas to help keep you on track.

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Does High Fructose Corn Syrup Really Make You Fat?

Story PhotoHigh fructose corn syrup — most of us have heard of it, yet many of us are unsure of what exactly it is, and what it means for our waistlines. Let's separate fact from fiction as we discuss the controversy surrounding this popular sweetener.

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Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Story PhotoSeptember is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Obesity rates for young people have tripled since 1980 and doubled just in the last decade alone. ACE is dedicated to combating the childhood obesity epidemic and improving the health and fitness of our youth. ACE provides free educational materials and informational resources to those working to promote youth fitness including educators, fitness professionals, health professionals and parents. Together let's get kids moving!

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Turn Your Passion for Fitness Into a Career

Story PhotoIf you're passionate about fitness and want to help others meet their healthy weight-loss goals, consider becoming an ACE-certified Personal Trainer. Committed to improving America's health and wellbeing, the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) can offer you a highly-esteemed, accredited personal training certification and the long-term education and support you need to build and sustain a successful fitness career — whether it's full or part-time. Join the ranks of the nearly 50,000 ACE-certified fitness professionals worldwide and benefit from a rewarding career that motivates and inspires others to live healthier, longer lives.

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Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession
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