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Back Pain Do's and Don'ts

Story PhotoUnfortunately, many people suffer from back pain. Although many things can contribute to back pain, there are actually some common things you may be doing during your workouts that could be making an already aching back even worse. Join ACE Exercise Scientist, Jessica Matthews, to discover a few critical do's and don'ts for exercisers experiencing back pain.

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Are Your Running Shoes Hurting You?

Story PhotoStaying physically active takes effort and determination. Whether your fitness program is just beginning, or you've been at it for years, the last thing you need is to be sidelined by pain or injury. Selecting the right shoe can go a long way toward helping you stay in the game.

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Do Exercise Machines Accurately Count Calories Burned?

Story PhotoYou've heard the saying, "don't believe everything you read." Is this also true when it comes to the numbers displayed on the screen of your favorite piece of cardio equipment? Find out if the number of calories that you actually burn during exercise coincides with what the machine tells you.

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How Can I Tell if I Have a Weight Problem?

Story PhotoIf you're wondering whether to blame tight, low-rise jeans for the overspill of flesh at your waistline, or if the culprit is a real sign of a more serious weight problem, we can help you determine the truth. Don't be afraid—this knowledge could save your life.

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