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Create Your Own Circuit Workout

Story PhotoIf your current exercise program doesn't include a strength training component, spring can be the perfect time of year to head outdoors and create your own circuit-style workout filled with fun and effective strength training exercises. Join ACE Exercise Scientist, Jessica Matthews, as she explains how.

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Should I Eat Organic? When Does It Really Matter?

Story PhotoMany people swear that organic foods not only taste better, but contain higher levels of nutrients than conventionally-produced foods. Other individuals, however, balk at the high prices of organic food and remain skeptical that there is any real difference in nutritional value between those items with a higher price tag and their non-organic counterparts. So, who's right? Turns out, it depends.

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3 Ways Exercise Feeds Your Brain

Story PhotoEver feel like you could use a few more brain cells, or wish you could do something to enrich and protect the ones you've got? You may be surprised to learn that exercise is not only good for your body, but provides some serious brain food as well. Find out how making exercise a daily part of your life can enhance your brain function and prevent against cognitive impairment at any age.

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Conquering Skyscrapers to Keep Fit
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14 Worst Health Mistakes Even Smart Women Make
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Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession
ACE Fit Facts™

Fit FactPeriodized Training and Why It Is Important

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ExerciseStability Ball Reverse Extensions

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Healthy Weight Recipe
Recipe Huevos Rancheros Verdes

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Fitness Product Reviews
Fitness Product Vibram FiveFingers Classic

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"Muscle/fat ratio for losing weight"

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