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August 2010
Toning Shoes - Will They Really Give You a Better Body?
Photo Ads for toning shoes claim they can give you a better body without putting in any extra effort. "Burn more calories, tone muscles, improve posture, reduce joint stress…Tone muscles you never had…Work your hamstrings and calves up to 11% harder and tone your butt up to 28% more than regular sneakers." But is all the buzz and marketing hype too good to be true?

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Selecting Home Equipment
PhotoUsing proper equipment is a crucial element to performing exercises correctly. One of the most common questions among individuals new to at-home exercising is how to choose equipment that is right for them. Learn how to properly select four versatile, must-have pieces of equipment for every home exerciser.

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Don’t Sabotage Your Workout Routine: 5 Pitfalls
PhotoA smoothie after a group fitness class, a sports drink following a game of basketball or a coffee during a morning walk are all common occurrences that can be sabotaging your workout. Are you taking in more calories after your workout then you just burned? Learn 5 common pitfalls.

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Health & Fitness News
Including time for rest in a workout routine can help fitness goals
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American Council on Exercise: Study finds toning shoes don’t work
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ACE Fit Facts™
ACE Fit FactEat Well to Stay Motivated and Energized

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Exercise of the Month
Exercise of the MonthLunge with Overhead Press

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Ask The Expert
Ask the ExpertHow can I train for a sprint triathlon?

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Healthy Weight Recipe
Healthy EatingBaja-Battered Fish

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Discussion Boards
"Poor posture - What do i do?"

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