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June 2010
Get a Better Butt & Core with a Stability Ball
Photo Summer is just a couple of weeks away. As the extra layers of clothing are shed away for the warmer weather, two areas are commonly on the top of people’s workout list: the core and butt. ACE’s Jessica Matthews showcases two stability ball exercises you can add to your workout to get your body ready for the beach or pool.

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Looking for Adventure This Summer?
PhotoFind the perfect summer adventure in destinations across the US and abroad. The physically active will be rewarded with unforgettable sights and experiences from mountainous views to world-class rapids. See what cities and countries made it to the top of the adventure tourism list.

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Do Negative Calorie Foods Really Exist?
PhotoDieters are always searching for the perfect calorie-burning, fat-melting, do-it-in-two-weeks diet. A popular notion often comes up that there are certain foods that require more energy to chew, digest, and absorb than they actually contain (“negative calories”). Do these negative calorie foods really exist?

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Health & Fitness News
Maximizing your workout: the readiness is all
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Summer shape up
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ACE Fit Facts™
ACE Fit FactWeight Loss Plateaus and Pitfalls

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Exercise of the Month
Exercise of the MonthBarbell Forward Lunge

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Healthy Weight Recipe
Healthy EatingDirty Rice

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Discussion Boards
"Gaining weight but not sure from fat or muscle"

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