ACE Health e-Tips Newsletter
Health e-Tips Newsletter
November 2008
Mastering the Squat
Photo For being a corner stone of a well-rounded exercise program, the squat often carries a reputation of being bad for the knees or back. This fundamental movement is performed many times throughout your day. We'll look at how to perform a squat safely and effectively along with common mistakes and techniques for proper correction.

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Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself
PhotoYou don't need to deny yourself of a traditional Thanksgiving meal to avoid using the last two holes of your belt. Making good decisions when piling your plate could help save you from the 3 to 7 pounds most Americans will gain this holiday season.

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US Announces Physical Activity Guidelines
PhotoFor the first time the Federal Government has issued comprehensive fitness and exercise recommendations for the Nation. These recommendations come at a time when two-thirds of the population is overweight. The new guidelines outline how much exercise, types and intensities are appropriate for people of all ages and physical conditions. Find out what this means for you.

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Health & Fitness News
TV can help workout if you don't have to think
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Staying fit on the cheap
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Slow down your workout to shape up
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The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road
Product PhotoAuthor Suzanne Schlosberg guides fitness-oriented travelers through the process of staying fit on the road: She covers how to find running routes in unfamiliar cities, locating a suitable pool, and exercises to maintain your fitness when a gym is not available.

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ACE Fit Facts™
ACE Fit FactManaging Cholesterol with Exercise

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Exercise of the Month
Exercise of the Month Triceps Kick-back

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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating Fresh Pumpkin Pie

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Fitness Q&A
Cedric BryantQ: When is the best time to exercise?

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Discussion Boards
"Kettlebell question for professionals"

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