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July 2008
4 Summer Upper-body Exercises with Jessica
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Jessica returns with her summer exercise series designed to make you look and feel your best this summer. Adding the hammer curl, lateral raise, push-up and triceps dip to your exercise program will help tone your arms and upper-body - perfect timing for bathing suit season.

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Life After the Cameras are Gone
PhotoAfter losing a combined 252 pounds, Marty and Amy Wolff of NBC's "The Biggest Loser," still struggle with weight challenges. As they have slowly slipped away from their lowest weight point, at the end of the show, they are now forced to find their own weight management path without the guidance of the TV series' entourage of specialists.

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Summer Skin Basics
PhotoSummer weather is finally here and with it many people start to move their workout routines to the great outdoors. While exercising and proper eating habits can help us live better, no amount of dieting or exercise can fix the damage caused by the sun. So before you head out this summer, take a quick refresher on how to keep your skin as healthy as the rest of your body.

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Health & Fitness News
Sports bra saves U.S. hiker trapped in Alps
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How to get a leg up for fitness
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Hula hoops and jump ropes offer two inexpensive ways to get in shape
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ACE Fit Facts™
ACE Fit FactTop 12 Exercise Essentials

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Exercise of the Month
Exercise of the MonthBent-over Row

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Healthy Eating
Healthy EatingChocolate Pudding with Fresh Raspberries

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Fitness Q&A
Cedric BryantQ: How does resistance training create and maintain bone strength?

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Discussion Boards
"Need to lose 50 lbs"

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