ACE Health e-Tips Newsletter
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May 2008
3 Core Stability Ball Exercises with Todd Galati
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Let Todd and Julia walk you through 3 great stability ball exercises and how to perform each one properly. The abdominal crunch, back extension and plank are great for the beginner to the athlete. Check out our YouTube channel for upcoming videos.

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So You Want To Be a Triathlete?
PhotoProper equipment, training and commitment can turn the daunting idea of participating in a triathlon into an achievable goal. USA Triathlon, the sport's governing body, saw their membership grow 23% from 2005 to December 2007, with people in their 40's representing the fastest-growing segment in the sport. Learn the steps needed to enter your first triathlon.

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Good Morning America's Health Contest
PhotoOn May 1st, ACE-certified Personal Trainer Becky Griggs was a featured finalist on Good Morning America’s Picture of Health Contest. Her fitness journey started in the fall of 2003 at 352 pounds. Through proper nutrition and exercise she lost 200 pounds and is now 1 of 5 Picture of Health finalists. If selected she will donate her full winnings to a great charity, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

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Health & Fitness News
In The NewsHow Healthy Can You Get On Diet Alone?
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At Regular Intervals - Interval Training
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Building Your Boot Camp Body
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Product of the Month
Pilates Mat Training
Product PhotoThe Pilates Mat Training book by Shirley Archer, J.D., M.A. explains the proper technique for 30 different exercises, along with the benefits and risks associated with each. Modifications are provided for various special populations, and sample workouts are included to help you create balanced, safe routines.

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ACE Fit Facts™
ACE Fit FactFlexible Benefits

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Exercise of the Month
Exercise of the MonthQuadruped Lift

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Healthy Eating
Healthy EatingClassic Burgers with Red Onion and Horseradish

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Fitness Q&A
Cedric BryantQ: Is it possible to selectively train your lower abdominal muscles?

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Discussion Boards
"Switching careers in mid-life"

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