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ACE's Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) Model: 1-day Workshop

The Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT®) Workshop, is an interactive and hands-on workshop that focuses on the key principles in the art of personal training.  You’ve studied the innovative ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT®) model; now learn to apply the science in our 1-day workshop. Learn how to conduct a variety of assessments to help evaluate posture, balance, movement and strength of your clients, and then learn how to apply that information to develop progressive, personalized fitness programs that foster long-term commitment among your clients. 

Workshop Goal: 

The ACE IFT® workshop instructs essential skills needed for success in personal training.  The course addresses key tools and techniques in the domains of communication, behavior, assessment, programming and instruction.   These areas create a springboard to success and continued professional development.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will understand:

  1. Personality and behavior assessments to determine willingness to change
  2. Strategies to develop rapport with clients to help foster long-term commitment
  3. Competently screen clients for risks related to participation in exercise
  4. Assessments that determine body composition, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility, muscular endurance and control
  5. Design and implement appropriate flexibility stretches and programs to meet each client's unique needs
  6. Define the importance of balance and core training, and implement exercises for each into a client's program
  7. Design and implement resistance and cardiorespiratory programs utilizing the latest research and trends to build upon a solid foundation of stability and mobility
  8. To demonstrate and instruct a variety of traditional and functional core upper and lower-extremity exercises




For any questions around registration or to register for this workshop, please call Michael Davis at 800-825-3636 ext. 713.  For more details view the ACE Refund/Reschedule Policy.


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Salt Lake City, UT

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