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Posts tagged "healthy eating" within Fitnovatives Blog

A Perfect Day of Meals

By The Nutrition Twins on Monday, April 08, 2013

What does a “perfect day” of eating look like? If you think healthy eating has to be boring or restrictive, think again. The Nutrition Twins offer an inside look into the healthy meals they eat on a regular basis. And these meals are not only delicious, but easy-to-prepare, too!

Are You in the 9-to-5 Food Rut?

By The Nutrition Twins on Monday, March 04, 2013

Do you find yourself reaching for the same foods day after day? Even if your choices are healthy ones, you could be missing out on important nutrients by not varying your diet. The Nutrition Twins are here to help with great advice on how to get out of your food rut by making a few simple swaps that can dramatically improve the quality—and tastiness—of your diet.