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Posts tagged "Group Fitness" within Fitnovatives Blog

The Group Fitness Trifecta: Understanding the Business of Group Fitness

By Shannon Fable on Friday, January 20, 2012

All clubs are not created equal. Why? Is it the quality of the staff, the location or even the number of team members operating in the department? Not necessarily. Often times, the difference between clubs that do it well and clubs that don’t boils down to harnessing the potential of group fitness. Develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the true business of group fitness by focusing on the three areas of the Group Fitness Trifecta.

Forget Sex Appeal, Let’s Talk Broad-Based Appeal!

By Shannon Fable on Friday, December 30, 2011

Becoming the most successful group fitness instructor and more importantly, truly helping to lead the wellness revolution one person at a time, requires broad-based appeal. Much like music and television, you can choose to exist on one end of the personality spectrum and gain notoriety, but to reach the top of the charts and win an award, it is usually better to play somewhere in the middle. Learn why this is important for your success as a fitness professional and just how to achieve this.

The Biggest Secrets to Group Fitness Success

By Lawrence Biscontini on Friday, September 23, 2011

Far too often, in group fitness and personal training, we take for granted that those we communicate to and teach can hear us. Yes, they hear us, but we don’t often put careful attention into making our cues more succinct and effective. Find out how to be a better cuer.