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PT 4TH EDITION - Personal Trainer Manual Set

PT 4TH EDITION - Personal Trainer Manual Set
Price: $109.90
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Product Highlights

  • Essential for ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam preparation and on-the-job reference
  • Learn to develop customized fitness programs with progressions for clients at all levels
  • 2-book set with 2 DVDs and in-depth details on the new ACE IFT™ Model

Product Overview

The all-new 4th Edition of our best-selling textbook, the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, features the new ACE Integrated Fitness Training™ (ACE IFT™) Model along with an informative and instructional DVD, ACE’s Practical Guide to Exercise Coaching. Also included is ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science and its companion DVD, ACE’s Essentials of Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology.

Providing a blueprint for personal training that you won’t find elsewhere, the ACE IFT Model, introduced in the 4th Edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, walks personal trainers through the process of working with clients anywhere on the health–fitness–performance continuum and then building a customized fitness program based on both their physical ability and psychological readiness for change.

Whether a client is just beginning to exercise after years of sedentary living or is an elite-level athlete trying to fine-tune performance, this set gives personal trainers everything they need to assess their current level of health and physical fitness and develop an individualized, safe and effective fitness program. In addition, the ACE Personal Trainer Manual uniquely provides the appropriate rates of progression and what it takes for clients to achieve a lifelong commitment to active living and better health.

With chapters on topics ranging from principles of adherence and motivation and the basics of health psychology, to injury prevention and personal-training business fundamentals, this manual will become a trusted resource in all aspects of your fitness career from the time you start preparing to take your certification exam through being a seasoned pro. Those needing to develop the core science background required for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam will benefit from the foundational knowledge presented in the Exercise Essentials chapters on human anatomy, exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, nutrition and the physiology of training.

The ACE Practical Guide to Exercise Coaching DVD teaches exercise as a function of integrated movement patterns with emphasis on adherence to correct form and control throughout the entire functional range-of-motion. Viewers of this DVD will learn how to teach their clients the proper techniques and progressions for performing more than 40 exercises using both bodyweight movements and popular resistance-training equipment. After viewing this DVD, trainers will have learned specific, in-depth techniques for spotting and cueing exercises using strategies based on functional movement principles.

The ACE Essentials of Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology DVD brings anatomy and kinesiology to life through easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations of human movement. This DVD explores the muscles, motions, and stability-mobility relationship of each joint, and investigates factors that affect movement including posture, proprioception, balance, and flexibility. To help viewers gain a better understanding of integrated movement, multiple open- and closed-kinetic chain exercises are analyzed to identify the joint movements and muscles creating and controlling the movements.

This comprehensive resource will give you the confidence you need to launch a successful career in fitness, and the tools and information to serve as a valuable reference as you advance your career.

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